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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I made it through the hot day zoo keeping in my antique dress! I honestly thought would chicken out and go with my very practical but still very cool pirate costume, but I just had to do this. I think if this dress was in mint condition it wouldn't look half as wearable today as it does covered in rips and holes, I am considering taking it to Paris and wearing with posh shoes and fancy hair. Big fan of that look as extreamly clumsy so more rips and holes dont matter-was okay for Chanels runway anyway!

I did find it funny that I thought would get some funny looks but EVERYONE was smiling at me! Oh well I thought I looked quite scary.
Congrats to Tracey for the awesome shelving that won flea market find of the year at Sophies, very well deserved!

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