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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I made it through the hot day zoo keeping in my antique dress! I honestly thought would chicken out and go with my very practical but still very cool pirate costume, but I just had to do this. I think if this dress was in mint condition it wouldn't look half as wearable today as it does covered in rips and holes, I am considering taking it to Paris and wearing with posh shoes and fancy hair. Big fan of that look as extreamly clumsy so more rips and holes dont matter-was okay for Chanels runway anyway!

I did find it funny that I thought would get some funny looks but EVERYONE was smiling at me! Oh well I thought I looked quite scary.
Congrats to Tracey for the awesome shelving that won flea market find of the year at Sophies, very well deserved!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing Afro Poodle...

I got a few nice bits of clothing today, but spent most of the clothing budget on my 2 dresses in the last post! Today I went to a few garage sales, one of which was a vintage collector of many years who was heading south and selling up. They had some seriously amazing things, like 70s bamboo bar table and stools, and heaps of stunning furniture, all out of my price range but I picked up a few tiny little pieces that where bargains.
First one I spotted across the room and fell in love. This amazing big neon pink fur straw stuffed poodle has lost his tale, has a really old looking japanese label, and the best face ever! It is so silly but I just love it and have been instructed to adorn him with some gourdy jewellery, which I promise to do.
Next up I couldnt walk away without grabbing these stunning bakelite (?) buttons with floral designs. I love the old plastic, its so shiny and looks like sweets!
At another garage sale got this fun little Diane Freis shirt.
Last but not least this gorgeous little 1940s hat with rabbit fur pom poms. It has a strap to hold it onto your head and a big veil thingy down the back (sorry I am sure there is a more technical name than thingy) looks so chic but very eccentric, and is on my list of things to wear to Paris next year.
Hope you all had fun this week, tomorrow will be posting pictures of my old (possibly edwardian) dress I am going to destroy as going to be a zombie bride for the kids halloween party at work tomorrow. Zoo keeping in a full length layered gown will be interesting, dont worry it is all ready very ripped and beyond repair so might as well use it how its ment to be used-cant be too precious about these things, besides-poo washes out much easier than all the age stains I got out of it before! Its probably going to be a very hot day-I think I am mad, back up pirate costume at the ready.
Check out Sophies to see who won the flea market find of the year and voting closes at midnight tonight!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey big spender...

Its not often that I spend a vast amount on clothes. Anything over $15 too me is pretty expensive, however I feel that sometimes I am not spending as such, just trading.
I had a Norma Tullo dress in my collection. Seeing as others where advertised at $300 I listed mine at $199 and sold almost instantly. To me the dress gave me no buzz what so ever, I know its one of the most collectable Australian designers and it was almost mint and from the best period, but it was black (bland) man made fabric (yuk) and was overall in my opinion, boring.
With my earnings I got these 2 pieces off ebay. They where advertised as approx 1940s, but think especially the green one could be 30s. They are silk, and although have some very minor faults, nothing that is not a super easy repair. I had to win this green one as its for my mum and perfect for her, so really chuffed I got it for what I think is a very good price.
If I am selling someting in order to buy something else I feel like its a trade, and in a way my initial purchase of the tullo dress, is what I paid for these two. I love these dresses a million times more than the tullo one, maybe I just lack taste and style but I dont really care as better to wear things that make me happy than try and look cool.

The back beading panel is just so chic, and love the print of people! There is a water mark on the bottom hem-looks easy to get out from experiance, and back seam needs to be reinforced but has enough room in the waist to handle a good strong repair. I wonder where this would have been worn in its day!

The edge is all gold engraved metal! The shaping of this dress is just so pretty. They certainly do mke things like they used to, but my zoo keeper wage would NEVER afford anything close to this bought new.
Now just have to wait for my exciting little parcel too arrive!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunny days bring out garage sales...

It was super hot and sunny today, perfect day for te beach (hence the recent beach hair on my pics) and gets everyone out holding garage sales so on my little hunt found some fun items and the usual heap of clothes!
First up a cute little 70s heart shaped mesh metal bag, one of the few times I think its okay to keep an animal in a tiny cage, and some very cool glass schwepps soda disppensers. Not sure what they will be used for other than 'looking cool' but couldnt turn down these retro bargains!
Next was this little 80s floral dress, great print and made of such a nice cotton!
Out there little 80s number with all the bells and whistles, fringing, sequins, brocade trim. The 80s didnt do things by halfs did they.

Love this 70s floral gold lurex dress-so pretty, and a very groovy 60s/70s knit maxi dress in the most amazing psychedelic pattern, very pucci esque!

Some cute little 80s knits-wacky wool one from Hoi Poilloi by Jack with batwings and ruffles, and a hand knit cardigan from Peru with little doll pattern!

I love this dress, sucker for a bit of leopard, perfect Summer Holiday piece! Roll on the sunshine, shame I cant afford an real holiday!
Fab oversized 80s cotton rainbow PLAYSUIT with pockets! I really love playsuits and things with pockets, you can run for the bus with out showing your knickers, not that I ever catch buses, but I do run a lot as walking is waste of time on occasions.
Well that was my finds for the weekend, Sunday markets off the list as working but look forward how everyone else does!
Someone please tell me how to write someones name and turn it into a link-technology is beyond me and want to link Sophie as a thank you for her great blog and weekly flea marketing games :)
Its hard to choose, I love so many of the things I have found however one stands out.
My find of the year has to be this one, a mint 1940s labelled brocade dress!!! : (previous blog post)
I found it back in Feb from Vinnies for just $4. I think its my top find because its so rare to find clothing this old in opshops now.
Thanks so much for stopping by and check out my other post as every commenter/follower is being entered to win stuff for Christmas!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have been a good girl guide...

Sometimes the smallest , most pointless things, that you dont ever know how youre even going to use them, bring you the most joy! These little finds today are just so cute but one I will treasure for life. I have a bag of 50s deisgner dress labels collected from an old dry cleaner, and going to use those along with tickets from my travels/passes from festivals/all the little flat bits of interesting stuff I have collected to make a big collage one day I think.
Cutest little 'Noritake' Melamine Wear (what ever that is!) plate and a little bag of 80s patches including some scout ones but the best one of all??? a badge for caring for the environment! HOORAY! Not only does it feature the cutest little wombat called Wattle but I feel its much more appropriate for me than the boring bit of paper I got to confirm my 4 years studying for a degree in Environmental Biology, universities please take note-we never grow out of patches to show our skills.

Next I just couldnt help buy these 2 cute little glass cups from holland as only 20 cents. A fun shopping trip with plenty of change left from my $5!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday Markets-Something for everyone!

What a fantastic day-great finds at the markets. First of all 2 amazing 80s australian fashion books, and after flicking through them have proven to be a wealth of knowledge and elightened me on many items in my collection, my best find as I love a good book! That was the big spend of the day at $30 for the 2 books! Next up some escada flats, spice jars, 2 egg cup trays, some victorian glass/french mother of pearl buttons and some vintage snaps and hook and eyes for my dress repairs and a cute little sewing unpicker all for a few $$!

Next up, some AMAZING dresses, I got heaps of things and all for $10, I got a few silk shirts as am obsessed with them and a few other dresses not picture but these ones are my top picks, technically one of them was more but she gave me a discount for buying so many things so worked out the same!

STUNNING green and gold sequin 50s dress, great fit and the 1st of 3(!!!!) circle skirt dresses I found today!!!

Next up this pretty blue number with matching belt, the thing I love about dresses like this is the metal zips, something about a metal zip that just makes something feel of better quality!

Loose fitting original 60s/70s caftan-unfortunatly label has faded but can tell its a pretty old one, the print is just fantastic, vintage italian magazing print, so unique and comfy a perfect dress for when I am feeling a bit lazy.

And last but not least another 50s dress-print is fantatic but does not show well in picture-very atomic in cream, burgandy and forest green with pretty pleating in the top, buttons on one side and a full circle skirt. This one is being stored in my mums cupboard. She lives in the UK but is visiting me in January and has an entire wardrobe of my vintage finds to try on when she gets here! I also found this little pixie batwing t-shirt at a garage sale and just think its really cute!
Cant wait to see what everyone else has found at Sophies, so thanks to everyone who posts and happy hunting!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some inspiration from Ken Done (and a good cause!)

This is one of my favourite dresses I own in my entire collection, its by Judy Done, wife of the famous Ken and when I was researching it this week, in the hope that one day I will find another gorgoues dress by her I came across a website with a lady who is inspired by Ken Done 365 days a year to raise awareness for refugees and social justice -an amazingly colourful way to do it, I can imagine many a conversation sparked up by her outfits to get people thinking.
Anyway to see what its about and help out a great cuase head over too:

Anyway here are 2 items from my collection and 1 from my hunt this morning that I feel sum up Ken Done and a great Aussie spirit! Enjoy!

This is just so stunning, I feel like a cupcake when I wear it, and thats a good thing as it makes me think of cakes (baking time tonight!). Stunning thick linen fabric and beautiful tiers on the skirt. The top has corset style boning and it makes you feel a million dollars. A perfect race day dress (if I ever get to go) and the layers puff up and move when you turn. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! I would love to get more of things by Judy but never found anything since despite a constant search!

Shame the shoulder was ripped by crazy tram inspectors in Melbourne (I am a good girl, I was just looking after my mum) but my mum did the best repair job so can only see it very close up. Still was very annoyed about that-worse then the bruised wrist.
Next piece I feel is quiet Ken Don (ish) a fun 80s Anthea Crawford playsuit with zippers zll over it. I got this from a vintage store in St.Kilda on same trip for my birthday (and so could change out of ripped dress!)
Finally I found this morning for $3 is a gorgeous little pure silk 80s skirt. I am no Ken Done expert but reckon this hits the mark.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Piece of British History!

It was very nice t get home from work and find a big parcel wrapped in brown paper waiting for me. I have been after a bowler hat for a while, and although this one is PERFECT if I wear it for more than about 12 seconds I may pass out, bummer. However still love the whole box and address of the owner- one day I will find the perfect person for it and will make a great gift.

I love the box with the address of the owner! It reminds me of when we where doing up a house we lived in and found a really old postcard to advertise a local chemist addressed to the house we lived in! It must have fallen behind the skirting board when fixed on so when it was replaced it was sat there in perfect condition! I am sure I still have it somewhere back at home, but that was one of my best finds ever!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I was very very gutted to miss out on this stunning 1940s swimsuit! It ended early this morning and although sat at 91.00 ended up selling for over $400au, if only I had a bigger budget. I really do think its one of this most amazing suits I have seen, looks so ahead of its time, and pure Hollywood glamour. One day I will own something this amazing. Sorry the back photo came out weird.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Success in the rain...

So I had a pretty bad week-really ill and not eating at all, still working, and then have to take my husband to hospital due to a sore neck at midnight, possibly to avoid the first meal he had promised to cook me in 5 years, either way was not very impressed so have been in a pretty bad mood and hiding away at home from the non stop rain and people seeing my zombie like face. I thankfully had some help this week with my finds, with one good garage sale, the wonder of the internet to bring goodies straight to my door and a little help from my mum who got these first 2 fantastic bargains from Edina Ronay.
Both of these look unworn and jacket still has pockets stitched up. Mint condition! Rose silk dress is so pretty and perfectly finished with big fabric covered buttons running up the back of the dress and little puffy sleeves!
I think my mum out did me here for sure, she got these at such a good price and I love them so much I cant part with them!
Next up a very groovy 70s leopard and tiger print corset dress..
I love the old label and the top is so well structured with boning and poppers hidden between the buttons to keep it all in place!

Found this fun little summer dress and spotted the print a mile away-I think its so colourful and fun, little bit big for me but good for beach days.

My ebay purchase of the week-gorgeous Prue Acton silk acetate party dress!

..and last of all a very chic little number from bruce oldfield that I got last week but forgot to photo...

Thanks again everyone for dropping by and thanks for your kind messages. Again thanks to Sophie for her link page and as soon as I understand how to link her page in this blog I will do so!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This weekend there was a vintage fair on in Brunswick which I have been saving up for to treat myself, and everything was very well priced so got to treat myself lots, especially after I feel robbed this weekend of an hours sleep-stupid time changes.
First find which I spotted across the room is this beautiful 50s party dress. Fits like it was made for me in a very structured fabric that has a metallic ish stripes of green and amber going through it. Its so stunning in every way and flawless! I have wanted a dress like this for a while, and although I have other similar things, the colour, fabric, cut, fit, length are all perfect in this one so very happy!

Next up was this pretty little 40s? sea shell style print in a cotton or rayon. Stunning details at waist and love the fancy pockets! Cute little buttons too.

Next up, couldnt resist this irish linen dress. The buttons are just the best of all the dresses, really nice and thick-looks pretty old but unsure of age, maybe 40s?

I also picked up a really pretty little cream brown floral crepe rayon 40s dress but didnt want too overload this and photo didnt turn out to good on the hanger, but it is so pretty!
Today I went to my usual markets and here are my best findings:
Nothing special but a cute little 70s dress that I am quite fond of and have been wearing around today!
Pretty crazy-an original 60s crochet outfit. dress/topis fully lined so can be worn alone-out there but pretty iconic and fun!
Black just never shows up but this is such a cute little vintage crochet dress, you will have to trust me!

A rather silly Bo Peep inspired vintage rockabilly swing dress, and a super brightly coloured long dress by Diane Freis, I love the sheer blak pleating in the arms that moves with you!
...and finally to celebrate the month that reminds us all of Germans and Beer, one of my favourites from my collection,an original 1930s? drindl dress! The way they lined up the stripes on the bust darts is just beautiful and rare to find workmanship like that now!
You will have to wait till St Patricks Day for my 50s Irish burlesque costume! I am going to get back my hour in bed now, hope everyones had a good week, and cant wait to see everyones goodies on Sophies Page!