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Monday, October 11, 2010


I was very very gutted to miss out on this stunning 1940s swimsuit! It ended early this morning and although sat at 91.00 ended up selling for over $400au, if only I had a bigger budget. I really do think its one of this most amazing suits I have seen, looks so ahead of its time, and pure Hollywood glamour. One day I will own something this amazing. Sorry the back photo came out weird.


  1. wow, now that is amazing, and so is the end bid @ $400!

  2. yes it ended at just over 400, if I had spoken to my mum before hand I might have bid and we would have gone halfs on it! She did say she would run naked to work (which is 8 miles) for it (sorry mum, but you said it)! I would seriously swap anything in my collection for it-except my zandra rhodes dress!
    I am happy I saw it though, things are so easily missed so it was nice to see something so pretty!