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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey big spender...

Its not often that I spend a vast amount on clothes. Anything over $15 too me is pretty expensive, however I feel that sometimes I am not spending as such, just trading.
I had a Norma Tullo dress in my collection. Seeing as others where advertised at $300 I listed mine at $199 and sold almost instantly. To me the dress gave me no buzz what so ever, I know its one of the most collectable Australian designers and it was almost mint and from the best period, but it was black (bland) man made fabric (yuk) and was overall in my opinion, boring.
With my earnings I got these 2 pieces off ebay. They where advertised as approx 1940s, but think especially the green one could be 30s. They are silk, and although have some very minor faults, nothing that is not a super easy repair. I had to win this green one as its for my mum and perfect for her, so really chuffed I got it for what I think is a very good price.
If I am selling someting in order to buy something else I feel like its a trade, and in a way my initial purchase of the tullo dress, is what I paid for these two. I love these dresses a million times more than the tullo one, maybe I just lack taste and style but I dont really care as better to wear things that make me happy than try and look cool.

The back beading panel is just so chic, and love the print of people! There is a water mark on the bottom hem-looks easy to get out from experiance, and back seam needs to be reinforced but has enough room in the waist to handle a good strong repair. I wonder where this would have been worn in its day!

The edge is all gold engraved metal! The shaping of this dress is just so pretty. They certainly do mke things like they used to, but my zoo keeper wage would NEVER afford anything close to this bought new.
Now just have to wait for my exciting little parcel too arrive!


  1. Wow engraved gold! That's an amazing dress!! Congrats on your trade.. I totally agree about wearing things you love rather than wearing 'cool' brands :)

  2. You certainly have an eye for vintage, yet again, amazing buys, the red dress is gorgeous

  3. I guess these dresses have been saved because they were so special that the original owners couldn't bear to part with them in the first place. They certainly look very special. I've got 2 dresses from the fifties and sixties that my Mum loved, one because it is pure silk and the other because it has such a lovely cut to the skirt