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Friday, October 15, 2010

Some inspiration from Ken Done (and a good cause!)

This is one of my favourite dresses I own in my entire collection, its by Judy Done, wife of the famous Ken and when I was researching it this week, in the hope that one day I will find another gorgoues dress by her I came across a website with a lady who is inspired by Ken Done 365 days a year to raise awareness for refugees and social justice -an amazingly colourful way to do it, I can imagine many a conversation sparked up by her outfits to get people thinking.
Anyway to see what its about and help out a great cuase head over too:

Anyway here are 2 items from my collection and 1 from my hunt this morning that I feel sum up Ken Done and a great Aussie spirit! Enjoy!

This is just so stunning, I feel like a cupcake when I wear it, and thats a good thing as it makes me think of cakes (baking time tonight!). Stunning thick linen fabric and beautiful tiers on the skirt. The top has corset style boning and it makes you feel a million dollars. A perfect race day dress (if I ever get to go) and the layers puff up and move when you turn. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! I would love to get more of things by Judy but never found anything since despite a constant search!

Shame the shoulder was ripped by crazy tram inspectors in Melbourne (I am a good girl, I was just looking after my mum) but my mum did the best repair job so can only see it very close up. Still was very annoyed about that-worse then the bruised wrist.
Next piece I feel is quiet Ken Don (ish) a fun 80s Anthea Crawford playsuit with zippers zll over it. I got this from a vintage store in St.Kilda on same trip for my birthday (and so could change out of ripped dress!)
Finally I found this morning for $3 is a gorgeous little pure silk 80s skirt. I am no Ken Done expert but reckon this hits the mark.

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