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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collecting Colourful Velvet Dresses

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed many chocolate treats!

This weeks top find is not mine, but again its mums. She got this for £6 at a UK charity shop. I am sure its 40s and in mint condition with a label!!! It must be in the genes or something. Cant wait to see it when I get home in July!

1940s Beaded Shift Dress

80s CUE Dress, 70s 'ORANGE' Layered Rose Dress & 60s Rainbow Floral Mini

My best finds from last week which I at least got to photograph properly. The Cue dress is fantastic, all of them perfect too!

60s Royal Blue Velvet Party Dress

So I have a red one, a green one, a fushia one, a black one and now a blue one! Hooray! I love velvet so much.

60s Daisy Mod Dress-So Cute!

I love this Dress-Daisy trim on the collar cuffs and waist, really nice tailoring, super bright blue-all the bells and whistles!!!

Vintage Silk Priest Cape

Has anyone ever really gone there with religious inspired fashion? Or has it been a bit taboo? Who cares-Im going to rock this as a mini dress, may take a while to catch on as a mainstream look though!

80s ZOZO Dress and Mondi Pink Star Blouse

I love zozo since I found my red spotty dress many blog posts back, know nothing about the brand but its 70s-80s Australian I think, any info from those of you that lived here/where alive then would be much appreciated.

50s Nude Illusion Lace Dress and 70s Cord Jumpsuit

Gorgeous Nude effect 50s lace dress with bow waist, and bright cherry red cord jump which just make me want to go hang at a service station and fill peoples cars for them.

English Hunt Cotton Curtain Fabric

Just because one day I will have the best dress from this fabric, in a very British mood due to royal wedding (how amazing was that dress!) and so could not say no to this print!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Head over to Sophies site to see everyone elses!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Easter Bunny and the usual Dresses!

So big apology for not visiting everyones blogs last week, I love doing it just like I love reading my favourite magazine and always like to save a bit of time aside, make myself a nice drink or snack and fully enjoy the process. However half the staff walked out on the day job, its been very unpleasant at work and have gone from 2 days to 5 at the moment, not to mention Easter being one of the busy ebay times for me so in work eat sleep mode.

Looking forward to life getting less hectic, but not looking forward to being overlooked at work again, despite asking for more hours for 2 years they have already hired more staff rather than give me hours! If anyone wants to tell them that I rock and give great reptile talks you can have something free from the shop!!!

Hand Made Felt Bunny

This remind you of anything mum? I cried my eyes out for ages on a holiday to Switzerland when I was little because I lost a little hand made jointed felt bunny my mum had got from her dad who made it. This one is not quite as special as that one but reminds me of it. Everytime I see something like this I grab it and get so excited people always turn round and say just have it, but had to give them a bit of change. Perfect timing for Easter!

Cute Floral Wood Carved Beveled Mirror

Cutest little tiny (fits in palm) hand held mirror with floral carving. I have a fixation with 30s-70s alpine vintage stuff so goes right in with my collection perfectly!

80s Party Dresses: Geoff Bade Rainbow Floral & Glitter Strapless

I love these 2 dresses, especially the colourful Geoff Bade one, so 80s! But the unlabelled one is just such a great cut with a super dramatic skirt!

40s 50s? Farmers Long Slinky Dress & 90s Laura Ashley Wool Bow Mini

A classy dress from Farmers (the Original Myer I think) just needs an iron to bring it too life and a chic little wool mini dress from Laura Ashley perfect for Winter!

Prue Acton Silver Pleated Dress and 60s Bright Orange Plaid Coat

Adding to my Prue Acton collection this fun little 80s number which is bright silver with sequin shoulders but the stunning bright plaid wool coats is one of my top finds of the week!

Thanks again for stopping by and always LOVE your comments, and hopefully have some free time this week to check everyones finds, cant wait for a day off!
In the mean time check them out yourself at Sophies site and join in the fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garage Sale Trail in Ballina

Was unfortunately a total let down, got there super early and everyone had started but was like a ghost town with goods to much. I am pretty surprised with over 100 garage sales the best thing I managed was a old matches collection but then on the drive back home struck gold with some fab vintage clothes.

Anyway after my inks and sample papers arrived this week it wasw all fun and games of playing with my new print blocks, although not too happy with the ink I got, too heavy and sticky so need something lighter and more user friendly as spent half a day cleaning black ink spots of everything in the house including myself and my little carpet print trail.

Using hand made papers and got sent a bunch of samples from who make beautiful natural papers and card!

Labels for my clothes!

Business cards-to be refined when new ink arrives!

50s Stripy Dress and 60s Paisley Dress made of WOOL!

The stripy dress was an ebay score but got this little paisley dress and they are both made of a fabric that feels like a cotton but is very fine wool! Really nice and perfect for this season!

80s Abstract Playsuit with pockets!

Thankfully more fashionable folke closer to home that where selling this cute little 80s playsuit! Made up for the early start!

60s 70s Mexican DEER ROSE Leather Tooled Bag

It comes with a long strap but just needs to be repaired on the side, which is very cheap down at my local shoe fixer upper. Love the deer design and big roses and although has no stamp it looks identical to other ones I have seen made in Meixco!

New Matchbox Collection!

My only find in Ballina, someones old collection of match boxes. My aunty had the same 'naughty lady one' which I remember always finding funny when I was very little, and although nothing special the swallow hotels is where my mum went swimming and took me along when I was about 8 or 9.

Karen Walker Tortoise Sunnies

My find of the week though is my Karen Walker sunnies for $15. I have always wanted some Karen Walker sunglasses but way out my price range! Good things come to those who wait!

Check out Sophies site to join in the flea market hunt and see what goodies where found this week! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Posh AUSSIE Op Shopper!

Well this weekend have been picking up lot of Australian vintage including an amazing piece from Vivian Chan Shaw, a legendary knitwear designer in the 80s. First ever find of hers and its a beauty. Its a 2pc with amazing long cling maxi skirt and layered top to make a dress, however the pieces are so striking its great to wear as separates I love the skirt!

1980s Australiana: Vivian Chan Shaw Purple 2pc, Dickie Ney Kookaburra Jumper, A-HA Floral Strapless Dress

I love the cute little Kookaburra Jumper and a classic floral strapless party dress with boning in it!

1950s Rockabilly CHERRY Knit Cardigan

My favourite find of the week, I love this cardi! Covered in cable pattern and big bobble red cherries over front arms and neck. Just so cute!

Stunning 1950s EMERALD Velvet Party Dress

Love this dress too, really bright emerald green and its in mint condition (dirty mirror again not dress!) I love the shaping to the bust-very bullet style with pretty check pattern over skirt.

1980s/90s Vintage Silk PARIS Dress

This dress is just so well made and fit perfectly, have to look up brand later but is very well finished and just feels expensive, my theory is if you can afford to have a Paris address you cant really afford to make crap clothes.

Vintage 30s? Crocodile? Bakelite? Purse

I found this, and its in very good condition with what looks like crocodile leather and a bakelite clip, could be wrong about this-no bag expert, any ideas anyone? Would guess early 30s from art deco style clip.

50s? Rhinestone Metal Purse

Again no purse expert, but seen so many things like this, but this was different. Inside looks hand sewn silk, very good condition. No label but the whole bag is very heavy and you can tell there is layers of fabric between inner and outer, rhinestones look similar to 30s/40s buttons with a surround to each on, nice working clip too. only about 4 missing rhinestones overall, easy fix I think. Any ideas on age? It looks to be of pretty high quality but no labels or anything to help.

1970s Italian Leather Platform Heels

So so pleased with these! I cant believe I found some vintae heels in my size, and they are groovy 70s platforms!!! I love the square toe on the, make my feet look dinky from above, plus they go well with my every growing collection of hand knitted socks from mum!

Thanks for stopping by, and for all your nice comments, I really love reading them, thanks so much!

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