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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage anchor wool swimsuit

Here we go, a little late but as promised, my mustard wool swinsuit! I thought it might be a 40s one? Did they still make wool ones in the 50s? Does need darning in a few spots from the moths but otherwise in pretty good condition. The other one I have below is a more modern fabric but still looks very oldand a gorgeous pin up style-just too big for me which is a shame!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday vintage finds...

Another weekend, another vintage hunt, and some more fun clothes! Working Sunday so had to make Saturday double productive...

Long German maxi dress, so well fitted and pretty-I cant part with this one!
Super structured 50s style dress, looks hand made, sure is vintage but hard to judge age!

An few groovy little dresses, the first one has a very nice shape to it but I l0ve the fisy silk wrap dress, I love dresses with pockets!

The grooviest mac ever! How great is the hood type thing!

Original 70/80s roseprint crop tie shirt and A Guy Laroche leopard print shirt in neon colours!
I think my new budget lighting system is working a treat!

Hope everyone else had fun this weekend and thanks so much for dropping by and left comments, its so great to hear back from you all!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jantzen Wool Swimsuit!!!

I love this original Jantzen suit! 1930s I think, I have always wanted to own one, and like most things I find is now my 'new favourite' (at some point I will face reality there is only a favourites wardrobe, no one item!)

I have another slightly later wool swimsuit in mustard yellow with brown trim and has little anchors on the front. Something about vintage wool swimsuits I love, I think its the whole knitted thing. My mum had a wool shop when I was very little and still is obsessed with hanks of yarn now!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too many late nights...

..but heaps of fun vintage things being listed, today hopefully! Here are some great flower power items, love the fantastic huge carryall!
Fantastic kiddy inspired jumpers.

Bohemian leather. The jacket is fantastic-vivid orangy patched lining-all real fleece, including lined hood with big fox fur trim. Hand made and bought from a roadside stall in Romania. And a woodstock era leather cut out cape!

and the last of the picks..

Gorgeous double circle skirt! wrap skirt that is so long and pleated there is just a ton of fabric to it, so dramatic, I think its so fun to wear!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Only one owner andin pristine condition these amazing original vintage coats look so hollywood! Black one I am sure is fox fur and Cream one is a posh thick velvety sheepskin. I was given the grey mink fur teardrop cape pictured below with these.
Fab 50s mirror, just makes you want toput your hair in rollers and get the red lippy out and re apply it all day long!

Looking through a rail of clothes and picked out a couple to look at and the lady says, 'like vintage darl? didnt have enough hangers and have another bag of em here!' Got lots of fab dresses including this 70s stripy one with a matching neck scarf or headband!

Pretty little Gunne Sax Dress. Love howfloral and girlie it is, really full skirt!

Teardrop mink fur cape-see above!

Vintage 80s rainbow metallic leopard print batwing jacket by 'Mushroom BALI' for all you ravers out there.

Studibaker and Hawk dress-WHAT A FIND!

Pretty 60s/70s floral shirts!

Pretty German dirndl crochet boho top! Very Byron Bay! Well those are some of my best finds on this weekends search, hope you all found some treasures of your own!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stunning 60s bohemiam crochet dress!

My treasure hunt today resulted in this amazing 60s piece from a charity fundraiser. Its so detailed and all handmade from vintage crochet lace.
The layers underneath are covered in a fine pleating which give them a wavy texture...

...and the pearly nipples are just so quirky!

My other find was some pretty shoes and these groovy vintage sunnies, and the best thing, our youth centre has more $$ for their new kitchen!

Hope you all love my crazy hippie dress, and tell me about your finds of the week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful vintage store and budget lighting!

Today I went op shopping around Lismore and checked out the vintage shops in the arcade, there are about 5 down there however The Black Angel is the best of the best. Go in there armed with plenty of cash as not much under $100 but every piece is beautiful, iconic, well presented and because its not in a big city you can be ure you are still getting a good price for some very unique pieces from evening gowns to 60s swinwear and some fab hats. The place to visit if need something for a special occasion

My main reason for going to Lismore was to grab some budget lighting. Seeing as I cant afford $1000 for a proper set up, I looked on the internet and found these tripods for only $29.90! Although the light is pretty yellow they also sell replacement bulbs for a white light for 7.90, so $45.70 for one unit, $96.40 for 2 and will buy some car windscreen reflectors and a bracket to attach to the light pole and tada, will now be able to take photos at night without the horrible shadows I got in my last lot of pictures!
Saved myself $900 yay, granted I am sure the professional kit would be much better, but anything is better than nothing so good enough for now!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fab vintage from Sundays search!

Was feeling very movitated after getting back from work today, so photographed my clothes from yesterdays vintage mission quite a few things but have just taken pics of my favourites....
2 pretty vintage floral dresses and a crochet lace trim shawl!
I walked past this table and doubled back as this caught my eye! I picked him up and the lady said I could have him! My little mouse buddy to come along on my journeys, it was knitted by her granny, and I am going to take good care of him!

Crazy 80s George Gross leather dress, looks much better on! Also an old velvet jacket-lining needs heaps of repair but is a gorgeous gold colour, outside is in very good condition-sorry about the rubbish photo-long day at work....

Cute little jersey dress-love the miami inspired print, and a diamond patchwork and crochet 80s leather top.

2 pretty vintage dresses, blue floral silk one with matching belt, and a beautiful paisley and tan dress-side splits in the tan and a seperate little paisley fitted skirt underneath, cute bow on split and love the tailoring to this-both in mint condition.

Grungy oversized YSL silk blouse-I love this and wore it all day. Also found a cute silk polka dot blouse by Bill Blass.

Vintage cashmere cardi, saving this for my mum as she deserves only the best!
I got a few more things but I think these where my favourites! Pretty good day overall and came back with a big smile, maybe it was the awesome finds, maybe it was the 3 snowcones.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage tat from my Sunday hunt!

It may all start with seeing a pretty dress or cool jacket in a charity shop but anyone who appreciates all things vintage will also end up amounting some pretty useless, but totally awesome crap for a dollar or 2, my trawl around the car boot today was fun, and found some amazing vintage bits and bobs-like this 'food glamorizer' (is glamourizer a real word?) with full instructions on how to decorate your potatoes with a harlequin design (using fancy cutter no.7)! From now on eating food that is not striped or has a zig-zag edge will just be so dull...
Some nifty little spring up opera glasses in a case and a little salt container my sewing stuff will live in.
Got some interesting clothing too, just need to photograph all that but a group of very old velvet jackets, several 50s/60s dresses and an interesting George Gross purple leather 1980s (and nothing gets as 80s as this) dress. I have a feeling that it will make me look like a very convincing transvestite but I don't care because its the most ridiculous dress and I like being loud and eccentric.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lots of leopardy things!

Lots of recent leopardy finds which will be popping up on my store soon-because it never goes out of style and has heaps of charachter!