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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too many late nights...

..but heaps of fun vintage things being listed, today hopefully! Here are some great flower power items, love the fantastic huge carryall!
Fantastic kiddy inspired jumpers.

Bohemian leather. The jacket is fantastic-vivid orangy patched lining-all real fleece, including lined hood with big fox fur trim. Hand made and bought from a roadside stall in Romania. And a woodstock era leather cut out cape!

and the last of the picks..

Gorgeous double circle skirt! wrap skirt that is so long and pleated there is just a ton of fabric to it, so dramatic, I think its so fun to wear!


  1. hey thanks for stopping by my blog today! I've come for a visit and love your blog! How fantastic...and what a great carry all you found...;-))

  2. Wow - you really have an eye for the beautiful stuff hey? That cape is just stunning.

  3. girl that cape is absolutely divine!