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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage tat from my Sunday hunt!

It may all start with seeing a pretty dress or cool jacket in a charity shop but anyone who appreciates all things vintage will also end up amounting some pretty useless, but totally awesome crap for a dollar or 2, my trawl around the car boot today was fun, and found some amazing vintage bits and bobs-like this 'food glamorizer' (is glamourizer a real word?) with full instructions on how to decorate your potatoes with a harlequin design (using fancy cutter no.7)! From now on eating food that is not striped or has a zig-zag edge will just be so dull...
Some nifty little spring up opera glasses in a case and a little salt container my sewing stuff will live in.
Got some interesting clothing too, just need to photograph all that but a group of very old velvet jackets, several 50s/60s dresses and an interesting George Gross purple leather 1980s (and nothing gets as 80s as this) dress. I have a feeling that it will make me look like a very convincing transvestite but I don't care because its the most ridiculous dress and I like being loud and eccentric.


  1. Thanks for sharing your vintage Sunday finds which are definitely not tat :)

    You might also want to start sharing your weekly finds with Sophie from Her Library Adventures where you can link to your finds each week. Check it out:

  2. those glamourizing things (what a glorious term for them!!!) remind me soooooooo much of the seventies food fairs we went to, in brussels...
    lots of exciting, useless inventions, and deer, deer memories. thank you for the peculiar reminder!!! :)

  3. i like the sound of glamourized food ... harlequin potatoes. what next?
    great finds ... there's so much amazing stuff out there.
    My Flea Market Find

  4. I too want glamourised food - it sounds so - well, so GLAMOROUS! Great opera glasses too! Hardly 'tat' my dear - objets de collectable (pity I don't speak French!)