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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Loving the man shoe trend...

Scored these slightly scuffed beauties at Vinnies for $4, which is not bad for some Italian leather shoes! I think the scuffs add charachter. My super fancy socks are from my mum who is the master of hand knitting, and I have already ordered my custom designed and knitted playsuit for Christmas (and it will put the D&G one too shame). I wish I could get a job just designing stuff, I have so many out there ideas but bugger all talent and money too put it together!

Man shoes are just the best when you have man sized feet-I will never find vintage heels too fit my size 10-11 clown feet, but watch me laugh when all you tiny footed people just blow straight over in a strong wind-well thats what my physics teacher told me about the importance of a good 'base'. I will certainly be embracing this trend for as long as I can get away with, then its back too mens cowboy boots again....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

All my luck is in VINTAGE!

Stunning and immaculate MINK Cream Cape by Hudson Bay Co 1960s? The mink is just so amazingly soft-It makes me feel like a million dollars and also that I need to be in New York at Christmas time.

This cost me $2o, I could get a posh burger and a coffee at lunch for the same price-crazy.

I am not one too complain about this, but I have never had any good luck in my life, its a constant 2 steps forward and 1.9 back, and the only things I have ever got are through a lot of hard work. However since my serious op shopping began only aboout 18 months ago, I have found where all that luck has been hiding.

I dont believe its any sort of talent, the things I find are so clearly amazing, I cant possibly believe they go unnoticed for very long I seriously just think I am extreamly lucky in this area.

I am always having a new favourite item in my collection due too this, but today I hit the jackpot. Of course like any good collector I would give my right arm for an original Chanel and would give up a leg too for a Fortuny piece-true icons of fashion-but these names depended on this one:
Hudson Bay are one of the oldest companies in the world. They basically started modern trade with the East India Company and set up business on the 2ndof May 1670. The history of them is just endless, I could find little info on labels other than a similar one dated to the 60s, but to own something from such a historic company makes me so excited!
I cannot describe how silky soft the mink is, and such a stunning colour, none of the usual holes and stains of age on the lining, it looks unworn, the only blemish was about an inch long what looks like mud-I am very confident it can be washed off as just on the tips and does not look stained! The lining itself is embossed with little clovers of different sizes, and has inside and outside pockets, all finished to perfection. I am in love :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Very old cape-with the best label!

New this morning-a very old-possibly victorian? wool cape...

Got this piece for $20, too be honest I am such a label girl, and this label did it for me-its just so interesting. So far I believe it too be a crest from the 'COPE'family that originated in Leicester but many family members went to America very early on in the colonisation. This piece originally came from an American estate sale. And the family crest with a C on it suggest it may belong too this family. Along with MF which I guess are the initials it may be able to be traced back to the acctual owner if the family hitory is researched and can better date this. Have no idea how old this is but sure it would be at least pre 1900 due to the label, exactly how much pre 1900 is what I am not so sure of.
Some very minor damage to the trim and a few tiny holes hidden by the pleats-overall in amazing condition!
Okay so got the pre 1900 bit wrong! Nicole Jenkins from Circa Vintage said it was Edwardian-meaning 1901-1910. Looking through the family records briefly although there are plenty of M's in the family, especially Mary but most of them do not show an initial. Apart from one which date wise would match: Minnie F. Cope from Tennessee, USA born in 1875. I just want to try and find out more- how often is it that you can trace something like this to an original owner!

Vintage Mink MYER EMPORIUM Coat-any help with age???

Vintage Mink MYER Emporium Coat-I am sure its mink, very soft but with the 2 layers of hairs, very glossy top layer and made in small thin pelts-extreamly well made. It has had a small repair on the inside lining, but still well intact and otherwise its mint!

Any help dating this would be appreciated, being from England and only being into Vintage Australian fashion over the past couple of years I dont know a whole lot about the history of some labels, and many items in my collection are very hard to research! Interesting piece I got for $30 at a charity shop.
Vintage PRUE ACTON 60s 70s Rainbow Ribbon Retro Dress

This one is so great $30 from a garage sale, and a good investment I think. Original Prue Acton with late 60s or early 70s label. The photo is so bad-sorry about that-I am saving up for a better camera but my tv just went so in time... anyway, the trim is made of ribbon and its navy with royal blue, green, orange and red. So iconic, I just love this dress!

Salvatore Ferragamo Bow Heel Shoes

Salavtore Ferragamo bow heels in black leather, coral nubuck, and some slingbacks in snakeskin print with pretty woodstacked heel.

These 3 gems where found together! And at $4 (one cost $5) thats quite a saving on retail price and in brilliant condition!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage 1940s (?) Ecstasy Creations Rich Brocade Evening Dress.

I found this in a charity shop for $4, a very old dress and in mint condition, just needs some steaming to bring back too life, saving up for a tobi!

Welcome to Posh Op Shopping by JeTaimeVintage!

Thanks to the lovely Erica of (excellent vintage fashion blog-check it out) who kicked my bum into gear I have finally got a blog. I hope to show you that finding special things at great prices is not limited to those in the know, all it takes is a good eye, being handy with a needle and thread is always helpful and willing to put in sometime (much of it probably finding nothing) but when you come across that amazing gem in a pile of someone’s old junk, nothing beats that little rush of excitement.

Retail therapy is one thing, but the idea of parting with anything over about $20 in this GFC kind of puts a downer of the fun of buying something new, not to mention the dresses that cost me over $100 I have worn only a few times to sell for $15 on ebay! However handing over $4 to a charity...well that’s less than a coffee and can prove to be a worthwhile investment too!

See items from my private collection and special finds from the past, present and future all too come and for now a couple of my best op shop finds....

Pucci scarf for less than a $1!

Vintage 1960s/70s wool mix PUCCI Scarf. Made in Italy.

It does have a few spots of damage but for only 50c it could have a willy drawn on it and would be chuffed with that find!