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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Posh Op Shopping by JeTaimeVintage!

Thanks to the lovely Erica of (excellent vintage fashion blog-check it out) who kicked my bum into gear I have finally got a blog. I hope to show you that finding special things at great prices is not limited to those in the know, all it takes is a good eye, being handy with a needle and thread is always helpful and willing to put in sometime (much of it probably finding nothing) but when you come across that amazing gem in a pile of someone’s old junk, nothing beats that little rush of excitement.

Retail therapy is one thing, but the idea of parting with anything over about $20 in this GFC kind of puts a downer of the fun of buying something new, not to mention the dresses that cost me over $100 I have worn only a few times to sell for $15 on ebay! However handing over $4 to a charity...well that’s less than a coffee and can prove to be a worthwhile investment too!

See items from my private collection and special finds from the past, present and future all too come and for now a couple of my best op shop finds....

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