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Saturday, August 21, 2010

All my luck is in VINTAGE!

Stunning and immaculate MINK Cream Cape by Hudson Bay Co 1960s? The mink is just so amazingly soft-It makes me feel like a million dollars and also that I need to be in New York at Christmas time.

This cost me $2o, I could get a posh burger and a coffee at lunch for the same price-crazy.

I am not one too complain about this, but I have never had any good luck in my life, its a constant 2 steps forward and 1.9 back, and the only things I have ever got are through a lot of hard work. However since my serious op shopping began only aboout 18 months ago, I have found where all that luck has been hiding.

I dont believe its any sort of talent, the things I find are so clearly amazing, I cant possibly believe they go unnoticed for very long I seriously just think I am extreamly lucky in this area.

I am always having a new favourite item in my collection due too this, but today I hit the jackpot. Of course like any good collector I would give my right arm for an original Chanel and would give up a leg too for a Fortuny piece-true icons of fashion-but these names depended on this one:
Hudson Bay are one of the oldest companies in the world. They basically started modern trade with the East India Company and set up business on the 2ndof May 1670. The history of them is just endless, I could find little info on labels other than a similar one dated to the 60s, but to own something from such a historic company makes me so excited!
I cannot describe how silky soft the mink is, and such a stunning colour, none of the usual holes and stains of age on the lining, it looks unworn, the only blemish was about an inch long what looks like mud-I am very confident it can be washed off as just on the tips and does not look stained! The lining itself is embossed with little clovers of different sizes, and has inside and outside pockets, all finished to perfection. I am in love :)

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