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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finds BEFORE My Blog Days!

So I had a shit week. Everything was going well, all on top of my work, looking forward to joining in the new listy thing on Mondays but hard drive dies. Beware those of you with automatic updates as I am not alone-it over loaded hard drive and ended up costing a fortune. I hate Microsoft so much right now. I know hating is not a good word to use but feel its very justified here. So I didn't manage to get much time to go out hunting, I found a few treasures but thought I would also share with you 5 of my best finds before my blogging days.

Vintage 80s Chanel Dress

I was so close to really crapping myself when I saw this dress. It does not fit me, I am far too broad for something so pretty and dainty but tried to photograph all the little features on it! It just feel nice to own one, for now!

30s Navy Crepe Lace Trim Maxi Dress

I don't like using the word Maxi to describe such a nice old piece, it feels too trendy. At the same time what are you supposed to say? Full Length? I don't feel that does this justice either, sounds too stuffy. I love this dress and apart from the tiniest tear on the lace collar its in perfect condition!

Fabric has a nice heaviness to it so drapes very well, a really beautiful fit with all the gathers!

Vintage 40s Stud Smocked Novelty Print Dress

Check out all the stunning details on this beauty! Very unusual little round studs allover bodice, with quirkiest print and really nice original knotted belt...

The wide shaped waistband again fits like only 40s dresses do and these photos do not do it justice!

Vintage 40s 50s? Miami Robes Dress

This piece is a real stunner. I have never got around to repairing the zipper but at some point I will as frozen up and so cant try it on-which is VERY annoying but this one cant be a rush job-its worth much more time invested to try and save current zipper or find a perfect replacement!

Vintage 50s Hawaiian Playsuit

This was and insane bargain and looks unworn, totally mint condition. I wish I could tell you how much these cost but its at the risk of you all hating me and you wont come and visit my blog anymore which would suck.

Now onto my bargains for the week...

60s Floral Embroidered Pink Dress

How cute is this! Love the bright psychedelic flower embroidery, very 60s! The perfect party dress I think!

70s Sheepskin Coat

This is my best find in a while and its all mine. I hate the cold so this thick fully lined coat will keep me warm all winter long and will probably be so conditioned to Australian temperatures that will end up wearing it in Summer back home in England.

Vintage 80s Neon Garden Jumper

Just couldn't say no to this because its just super loud and colourful and warm. I like colourful things!

50s Roulette Bag

Okay so its a little bit tatty, but its so darn cool. It has little pearl counters and rhinestone studs as counters and the fabric looks quite old-must be 40s or 50s. I always appreciate if anyone else knowledge about these things or can correct my dating skills!

Vintage 70s Green Leather Bag

Well its just so disco, I love bright green too! If I happen to go to a 70s disco BBQ I can also take these along....
Vintage 1976 Meat Tenderiser and Seasoner Set

Not sure how much meat will be left after giving it pound with this one but they look cool don't they!

Old Sewing Needles

I say needles like I have more than one in there, I don't-which is a bummer but the packet is still aesthetically pleasing.
And next the reason why I don't like to model clothes over winter??

Vintage 80s Vivian Chan Shaw Jumper

Its just so warm and I cant take it off! I love oversized jumpers, especially in cold weather!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Designer Bargains

Its when you see a combination like this that your heart stops. I had a huge pile of luck behind me when I went vintage hunting this week, and everything was such a bargain! So this might not be my personal style, way too conservative and Queenish (the monarch not the band or lifestyle). I seem to have particular luck with this brand, as score 3 pairs of the bow shoes for under $5 about 2 years ago. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Metallic Knit Skirt

 I had to leave the evidence on there and onto my next designer bargain...

Vintage 70s Merivale Jacket

 Its 'Australian Biba' (but minus one of the 0's on the price tag) for the bargain price of $2! Spotted the label a mile off even though flipped round the other way-was so proud of that one.

60s Maxi Dress & Velvet Smocked Dress

Quite fond of the label on the maxi! It has really nice bright colours in the skirt too! This cute little smocked velvet dress was too good to leave behind.

70s 80s Stephan Galloway Full Skirt Party Dress

Simple but so gorgeous this 50s style chocolate brown party dress was apparently by a famous 80s designer but not got chance too look it up yet in my books!

Mint Psychedelic Tunic & Aussie Hand Knit Sweater

Now the tunic was all colourful and glittery and new looking- I'm like some magpie, there is a reason Hoarders is band from my television. The jumper however is mine to keep forever, and is extra special as was from a local couple who I know well. She knitted it for her daughter but was never worn as allergic to wool so I got it, hooray! I love the little echidnas on the arms!

80s Vintage Flowery Trousers

Im not sure if these are good or bad, but I like them. Yes they are pretty cheesy but would probably look fantastic on one of those chic French or California boho type girls. My style is either joggers and a random t-shirt when just doing house stuff, or I look like I got dressed in a fancy dress store, I never look very vintage-more comical.

Heaps of Vintage 80s Knits

Lots of wool and angora knits, the rainbow vest is my top pick. Cute little crochet knit dress too.

Groovy Tops & More Eccentric Trousers

 I love the trousers, $2 from some Japanese girls selling all their gear at the youth hostel. They look so comfy, and perfect for Spring. Retro 70s tops and a bright neon shawl-cant believe how much I found today!

Vintage Dresses

80s party dress,and from the 60s a metal zip spotty dress, and a psychedelic halter dress.

Lots of Vintage 80s Tops

Sparkly gold cardi, ruffle collar shirt, bird curtain print t-shirt and a beautiful rose print delicate sheer blouse!

Now I am exhausted and broke so I am tucking into my favourite Yalla Vanilla yogurt and watching a film while I clean iron and hem some of my finds, I love Saturday afternoons!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50s Fete & Cupcake Competition

Okay so this really happened about 2 weeks ago but been to busy to remember blogging about it, very slack I know. Anyway turns out that the little country 50s fete with cupcake competition at a little village hall has rather high standards when it comes to bashing out some sweet treats to raise money for the school playground. I have to admit here that this is probably the fanciest place in the area, hence Zumbo quality offerings, however I think my favourites- the little sushi cakes with chocolate dipping sauce (nice) - was probably the hard work of a Japanese Au Pair for sure, they are so detailed, rolled in sprinkles to look like sushi rice-WOW!

 So after the excitement of this it quickly turned into my worst nightmare. Competition means I cant go and buy them and eat them NOW. They should have seriously had a greater range of cupcakes to keep me satisfied as was trying to convince my partner to get the getaway car ready so could thieve some. This is my heaven, I could have happily eaten half the table So what other goodies...

 Just loved the little retro apple on this one, and the fact that has huge sugar decorations. I buy packets of those to eat like sweets, same with jars of caramel sauce and cookie dough- I probably shouldn't admit that.

 Well these are just so pretty! Nice pastel roses making you think of vintage tea shops. Why are not half of the Byron mothers starting up cake shops-or at least producing more regular bake sales with skills like these. You would have a good customer in me!

 Now this was unique, love that they used the little plant pots too. However bigger cakes people, I could have downed all 3 in one mouthful. Cakes on the right are very pretty and sparkley too.

 Now how about these for a sugar hit, lots of yummy looking frosting and a flake too-bonus, I think I might be giving these ones ago, look fancy but nice and simple for me. Now some VERY creative cupcakes....

....yes please, I would love a naked doll bathing in my cupcake! There is just something very uninviting about these ones, certainly went all out with the colour. Just the likely hood of finding a pube like hair wrapped around your marshmallow would be very high.

Well I certainly learned something that day. After being proud of my baking skills since I was tiny, mine are for pure enjoyment with no frills, and 'speed' is not a quality most people will care about in a cupcake unless your a student with the munchies looking to eat half a tray, but I'm looking forward to getting as creative as these guys. Shame I havn't got any children to blame it on if it cocks up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Old & Gold in Brunswick

Today was my Christmas, the Old & Gold event in Brunswick Heads. It is AMAZING and probably why I thought Ballina Garage Sale Trail was such crap. After some very busy weeks at work covering for people on holiday I have hardly got to any op shops or markets so was hoping this was a good year, and I was not let down! Held each year in June it has all day events from over 60 garage sales, collectors stalls all over town- check out the list of what was going on here-and make sure you dont miss out next year!
I am sorry though, other than few items from last week, everything photographed on the floor as I'm freezing and wearing a nice warm jumper and dont want to take it off.

HUGE (36" +) Vintage African Tribal Leather Bag

I cant call this a bag really, its a thing, in a positive way-not like I cant be bothered to describe it, but more like 'it came from outer space', there is a very high chance that my death will be the result of the tassels eating me alive Little Shop of Horrors style. I am in love though. Hand painted leather, so many thick long tassels, it is supposed to be used as a backpack looped over each arm but I am going to devise a leather strap to connect handle to it will be come the most overly pretentious shoulder bag in the world. Its stupidly huge (put a cd next to it to show size), but so am I - a perfect match! I have great fears as a girl from a small town will not be able to keep up with the chic fashion set in Paris and London when visit soon, so weird and loud is the way to go!

40s Farmers Irish Linen Dress

This gorgeous dress just needs 2 bits of elastic in the sides spots where its gone and will be perfect again. The lace is layered and very detailed. I didnt do it justice in the photos.

Chipie Prairie Circle Skirt and 60s Hand Knit Rose Cardigan

I used to have a pair of chipie trainers in pink suede and they glowed in the dark (I was 13). I think the skirt will out last the trainers in style but I still want my pink ones back. The hand knit cardi matches perfectly too!

60s Patchwork Velvet Jacket and Alpaca Peruvian Jumper

The patchwork on the jacket is a print, not real patchwork, but love the cut of it, very retro and has such a nice label. My alpaca knit is a true classic, so warm and soft with a brilliant pattern of little people and alpacas.

50s Floral Bathing Suit

Totally scored with this gorgeous little 50s swimsuit in a really nice print too! The back is all smocked and has old size tag, just no label, but beautiful all the same and in excellent condition.

Nice shape to bust and pleating down bodice! I also found this one that looks a little later but cute too.
50s 60s Blue Nautical Swimsuit

Very nice shape to seams with little tie at waist and button shoulders.

60s 70s Huge Angel Sleeve Mini Dress

Very pretty dress with the best huge sleeves!

70s Tailored Satin Shirt

Bit of a sucker for a tailored shirt with long sleeves and groovy cuffs in a colour that goes with everything! Yay!

60s Rhinestone Mod Mini Dress & 70s Sheer Floral 2pc Playsuit

The floral bit is sheer but comes with a little waistcoat jacket too, I thought it was a dress-I never realise things are playsuits till I get home but love playsuits so not a bad thing!

40s 50s White Leather 'Audrey Hepburn' Swing Coat

The people selling this knew me, just from seeing me hunt around vintage clothes at op shops and garage sales round town and she went and got me this coat. It had been stored under the house, I could understand if it was a cut off bit of naff carpet, but its not-why do people do that its just cruel. Anyway I gave it a bath and cleaned it up-turned water black, conditioned it with leather and although is not perfect-some cracking on edges and some very light marks, it looks a million times better. Getting some white leather shoes stuff to try patch up marks a bit more so is gleaming-but here is a sneak peak at the label and lining.

More Vintage Letterpress Blocks

I am truly addicted to these, love the deco lady in the swimsuit!

Vintage 70s Coconut Bag

Cute little retro coconut bag, my mum bought one of ebay which turned out to be miniture and in the same week I found one that really is the size of a coconut!

Retro Wristwatch

I cocked up and dropped it and broke the glass. I should care more but I don't, I just like it because it was weird and cost 50 cents. As this did too-which I cant even understand, its just cute.

Mini French/German Dictionary

60s Squatter Board Game

This made me laugh when I read the instructions and I had to buy it. I consider myself a smart person, I have a high IQ, but this very Australian game in which you take sheep to market, totally confused me. I have no doubt that had it to a kid living on a sheep farm in the middle of Australia they would totally get it. It comes with a little box full of sheep head counters to make your flocks.
Thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving your comments! Hope everyone has had a good few weeks and pop over to Sophies site to join in the flea market finds game on Sunday!
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