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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finds BEFORE My Blog Days!

So I had a shit week. Everything was going well, all on top of my work, looking forward to joining in the new listy thing on Mondays but hard drive dies. Beware those of you with automatic updates as I am not alone-it over loaded hard drive and ended up costing a fortune. I hate Microsoft so much right now. I know hating is not a good word to use but feel its very justified here. So I didn't manage to get much time to go out hunting, I found a few treasures but thought I would also share with you 5 of my best finds before my blogging days.

Vintage 80s Chanel Dress

I was so close to really crapping myself when I saw this dress. It does not fit me, I am far too broad for something so pretty and dainty but tried to photograph all the little features on it! It just feel nice to own one, for now!

30s Navy Crepe Lace Trim Maxi Dress

I don't like using the word Maxi to describe such a nice old piece, it feels too trendy. At the same time what are you supposed to say? Full Length? I don't feel that does this justice either, sounds too stuffy. I love this dress and apart from the tiniest tear on the lace collar its in perfect condition!

Fabric has a nice heaviness to it so drapes very well, a really beautiful fit with all the gathers!

Vintage 40s Stud Smocked Novelty Print Dress

Check out all the stunning details on this beauty! Very unusual little round studs allover bodice, with quirkiest print and really nice original knotted belt...

The wide shaped waistband again fits like only 40s dresses do and these photos do not do it justice!

Vintage 40s 50s? Miami Robes Dress

This piece is a real stunner. I have never got around to repairing the zipper but at some point I will as frozen up and so cant try it on-which is VERY annoying but this one cant be a rush job-its worth much more time invested to try and save current zipper or find a perfect replacement!

Vintage 50s Hawaiian Playsuit

This was and insane bargain and looks unworn, totally mint condition. I wish I could tell you how much these cost but its at the risk of you all hating me and you wont come and visit my blog anymore which would suck.

Now onto my bargains for the week...

60s Floral Embroidered Pink Dress

How cute is this! Love the bright psychedelic flower embroidery, very 60s! The perfect party dress I think!

70s Sheepskin Coat

This is my best find in a while and its all mine. I hate the cold so this thick fully lined coat will keep me warm all winter long and will probably be so conditioned to Australian temperatures that will end up wearing it in Summer back home in England.

Vintage 80s Neon Garden Jumper

Just couldn't say no to this because its just super loud and colourful and warm. I like colourful things!

50s Roulette Bag

Okay so its a little bit tatty, but its so darn cool. It has little pearl counters and rhinestone studs as counters and the fabric looks quite old-must be 40s or 50s. I always appreciate if anyone else knowledge about these things or can correct my dating skills!

Vintage 70s Green Leather Bag

Well its just so disco, I love bright green too! If I happen to go to a 70s disco BBQ I can also take these along....
Vintage 1976 Meat Tenderiser and Seasoner Set

Not sure how much meat will be left after giving it pound with this one but they look cool don't they!

Old Sewing Needles

I say needles like I have more than one in there, I don't-which is a bummer but the packet is still aesthetically pleasing.
And next the reason why I don't like to model clothes over winter??

Vintage 80s Vivian Chan Shaw Jumper

Its just so warm and I cant take it off! I love oversized jumpers, especially in cold weather!

As I enjoy the wonders of not having lost my entire years worth of computer stuff I can now get to see everyone else finds (touch wood) at the weekly blogs of:
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See you there and thanks for stopping by!


  1. So many awesome goodies there.Love that sheepskin jacket since its been so cold lately.Love the swimmers too I did a post a few times ago on vintage swimwear.

  2. That jumper looks so cute on you, to be honest you could still be wearing it when you come over as this so called Summer was over in April!

    Am having palpitations over the Miami dress - gorgeous, and would wear the playsuit if I ever had a tan. The woman on the 40s dress presumably has opera glasses, but when I first looked I thought she was smoking a spliff!

  3. hahaha @Lakota, my gosh you are right!!

    Your Chanel dress is an amazing find, the playsuit is gorgeous too

    Sorry to hear of your hard drive woes.

  4. Goodness me! So many lovely things. Hope your computer is behaving itself now and you get a chance to get out to the op shops this week!

  5. The vintage Chanel dress - dream find!!! xxx

  6. wow ... favourites are the chanel dress and THAT playsuit! You are one lucky girl!

  7. My computer is currently doing my head in too! It takes me nearly 2 hours to write a blogspot as it is sooo slow- think it needs a MOT.
    I love your 30's navy crepe dress - I would like to clone it and wear it! Bx

  8. You may send me the Chanel, I don't mind. Dang girl, those are some fantastic finds. I have a similar 30's dress. If I remember correctly they called it a lounge dress. Some of them are prom dresses, girls wore very demure prom dresses back then. I love the sweater you're wearing, you sure you can't fit in the Chanel??! You look tiny!

  9. I am as green as your disco bag right now!

    Wow wow wow. Love the playsuit and the black and pink dress.

    The jumper makes me want to cuddle you and LOVE the sheepskin coat. x Thanks so much for sharing x

  10. Wow, you are an experts...fabulous finds, love all the dresses but the black and pink dress is amazing!

  11. I like the 60s dress best of all, very girly and flattering to the right sort of figure too.
    All are really good to see, second fave would be the Chanel or maybe that is the first actually.
    Have never seen anything like your kitchenalia before either so thanks for sharing

  12. Great finds I love the 40s blue lace collar dress. Its a pain when your computer dies on you I had the same happen to me. I would say Macs are the way forward... I love my Mac!

    Marisa :)