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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Addition to Australian Vintage Collection!

This week have been getting more and more excited about my trip back home. Its only 3 weeks away and am already starting to pack my bag. I have all my little trips to Paris with mum and Amsterdam with my mates booked and honestly don't think I have ever done anything so exciting in my life which is weird as I am going home to do what I always used to do. There is something weird about moving across to the other side of the world. It sounds terribly 'cliche' but you do start to know yourself more. However much I love the nice weather and the beaches, I start to know what is important to me, much of which is back home. I have been trying to cut back a little due to holiday but my tactic of offering half of what ever the price was today seemed to pay off for once so could still pick up a few fantastic goodies.

Vintage 80s PRUE ACTON Pure Silk Crochet Dress

This is just gorgeous dress by the legendary Prue Acton. Very pale pink silk with crochet panels and matching belt. I have got so many amazing Australian vintage pieces I was thinking of selling at the same time before I move back-not sure how to go about this one so any ideas appreciated, I am so bad at marketing.

60s Dollyrockers by Sambo Maxi & Cream Velvet Suit

I am not sure if the suit is very me, I quite like the jacket but the velvet is so amazingly soft and its very nicely tailored. Comes with matching skinny trousers that are a little too tiny for my 'well built' (chunky) legs which is a shame else may have tried to jazz it up a little. This Dollyrockers dress was one of my top finds of the day though! 

40s Tweed Wool Wasp Waist Blazer

I like this, may be a bit 'clay pigeon shooting' but I like how English it makes me feel. Love the tailoring too with flare at the back and nice finishing to buttons.

80s Purple Plaid Mini Dress

Getting to the point where if I twist too much I put my back out so its a pain taking these back photos but somethings have such nice little details I have to try and do them justice! I like it when they use patterned fabrics like checks and stripes and have them running in different directions. 

80s Sun Dress and Gym Bag

Having a Miami circa 1988 moment, you either love it or hate it, and if you love it (and not just for a themed party) chances are you were either not born or too young to remember the actual decade.

70s Mexican Felt Embroidered Poncho Cape

Another addition to my Wardrobe-Not far off being able to outfit everyone for my own 'Ugly Betty Party'. I should have cropped this more though, the edge of the camera lens looks like a really creepy set of teeth. Whoops.

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  1. I am so loving the Prue dress gorgeous.Love that pink dress and white suit and the shooting jacket too.I am feeling a tad envious about the Prue tho lol

  2. I sold a small collection of vintage Pru Acton dresses to a collector in the States a couple of years ago (on ebay) They went for a shite load of cash and basically sold themselves.
    Lovely vintage finds.

  3. The tweed blazer is great - they were in all the British shops over the winter, at silly prices. A good find!

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE The Prue dress. STUNNING.

  5. I do love that tweed blazer! The 80's miami is a bit scary having grown up there. There is a movie remake in the works with Julianne Hough and this looks like it could be one of her outfits!

  6. I love the 'clay pigeon shooting' jacket - almost Vivienne Westwood like. Great cut. (love all your other finds too, but that's my very favourite!)

  7. I like the "clay pigeon" jacket as well. I just found a tweed blazer with a collar that reminds me of the the same "English hunting" style. I had to replace some buttons, but I am loving it, and I can't wait to wear it.