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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Postcards from Paris

So this week I don't think I have bought a single thing, been to busy getting my pretimed ebay items ready to list, packing and continuing to perfect my baking skills so nothing to show you. However a week on Monday will be heading off for a month back home in Oxford and have trips to Paris and Amsterdam planned so if you would like a postcard from my travels send your address to:

and in the meantime my latest cookies.

Blue Rabbit Cookies

I always thought I was a bit rubbish at this sort of thing, and I am still pretty messy with it all but didn't expect to master cookie icing so quickly, but have ordered some really interesting cookie cutters and lots of techy decorating stuff so when back from my holidays (if I can wait that long to play with them) will be going all out!

Hope you all had a great week and found lots of goodies and wont be giving up blogging while on holiday, I have been getting all my internet finds sent back home over the last 6 months so have a huge stash of goodies, plus will be blogging about my travels so keep in touch and thanks for everyone who reads/follows/writes on my blog, been so much fun over the past year getting to meet some fantastic people-may it continue!


  1. Id love a post card and wow you lucky thing. Your cookies are brilliant too!!

  2. Update-these kick ass cookies got me a total of $40 off my market purchases today, one cookie got me a $20 discount off an amazing coat. SCORE!!! Shall always go to markets with cookies in future.

  3. They truly are kick ass - I want! And it's true a well timed cookie can open many doors...

  4. The power of good cookies. Big fan of your blog!

  5. Oh so sorry to hear you are moving away...we never caught up! The beauty of the internet is that you can always be connected no matter where you are. I can't wait to see your finds from places like Amsterdam. I still have items that I bought from some markets there in 1986! Another regret, why didn't I get more?
    Hmmm, maybe with you gone from the Byron area there will now be a plethora of fabulous finds to be had! I should get off my bum and go looking.