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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday op shop finds...

Lots of great goodies this week at bargain prices! Seems like schoolies are too hungover to beat me getting up early for the good finds... my favourite this week is my pair of cat salt and pepper shakers for 20cents for the pair and my cookie cutters for 50cents!
A cute little Silver pin.....
...real croc skin vintage purse with vanity case section-a little battered but was only $2.

I love this bag, its a bit cheesy but thats very me. I like nice colourful things and these flowers are great-bag in mint condition too!

GORGEOUS 60s floral butterfly blazer! This was such a find, only $3 and almost perfect.Such a nice cut and beautiful print!
I seem to be accidently collecting Prue Acton dresses and this is my most recent one-its so groovy! Covered in a rainbow mexican print. Also the most softest cotton dress ever! No wonder-apparently made of Mettlers Swiss thouroughbred cotton fabric-since 1745, it honestly feels like velvet.

Another groovy 70s Geoff Bade number and a 1950s Hale of Hawaii dress in a print ready for Summer!
Hope you all had a fantastic week-had some brilliant weather up here in Byron so have been enjoying the outdoors and feeling very un Christmasy-still cant get used to Summer being Christmas! Thanks so much for stopping by and will be drawing for the Christmas $75 give away so check back during the week.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Box of Vintage Treasures Discovered!

Fun fun fun this week with my bank account being wiped out by a dodgy ebay buyer from the US, meaning I have to take harsher measures for future customers-which sucks. Trying to pick myself up after being stuck rentless and eating cornflakes all week and for the foreseeable future I decided to get stuck into organising my store room. When I moved house I lost my little box of vintage treasures and thought they might be lost forever, however they where hidden at the back of a self so here is the contense of my treasure box-all op shop/market finds from my days before blogging. It made me pretty happy, not as happy as not being scammed but thats life, karma will do its job I am sure
Anyway this is one of my favourite finds, a box of 50s hairs combs in original box, seperated by layers of tissue. There is 12 in all, not one missing-I just love the pckaging and the fact its all together!
Next up my collection of vintage zipper pulls, I can do up all zips but hate the struggle in a hot changing room so when I am feeling lazy these come in very handy! Why dont they make them any more?
The little gold one is so cute and you can hide the chain away in the box!

These came from an old laundrette that closed down, I want to frame all my little bits and pieces like this one day and these will be the perfect addition. Some of the labels are from super expensive gowns so I guess someone has some amazing dresses out there and don't have a clue!

Some random other things including the cutest little 60s comb and mirror set! I love my London bus keyring too, reminds me of home!

Finally cutest little toy koala, he was only $1 so couldnt turn him down, and I found the instructions that came with my vintage rollarskates! I was so chuffed to find these, and in my size too-a very rare thing for someone with my huge feet, and about having big feet:
When I was a young teenager (15) I had a hard time finding shoes big enough to fit my size 8.5 uk feet and everything in my size was very ugly. My mum took me too London (I think for my birthday) and had found a 'special' shoe shop that would have 'nice' shoes to fit my feet. Off I go dreaming of bespoke footwear in fine Italian leather to my choice of design. Nope..... I was taken to a drag queen shop with not much choice of anything than perspex thigh highs and glitter stripper heels. Although I can see the funny side now I was in tears for half the day over that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage Fair- I LOVE Adornments Vintage!

Another vintage fair on this weekend in Byron, and obviously had to go and although I didnt plan on buying anything, one of my favourite vintage stores won me over.
As a 'hard core' bargain hunter it rare for me to treat myself to anything full price (not new stuff or top whack vintage, just not op shop cheap) but when I do I always end up at the same places. I have visited the Adornments store in Brisbane, (you must check it out if in the area!) and its gorgeous, full to the brim floor to ceiling with an amazing choice of vintage and antique clothing and collectables, including lots of stunning lace. Today was the best choice out of over 30 sellers there! I really could have happily bought half her rail if I had enough but was very pleased to walk way with these:
I love this piece, its so my style, its like Ossie Clark done 80s style. The dress is by zozo, have seen this brand before but dont know much about it. The spotted panels are cotton, and the rest is sheer silk-and heaps of it. It fits me like it was made for me and its just so fun and unique and the most fantastic shaping around bodice and back!
Next this cute little 50s skirt with the most beautiful print I have seen. It reminds me of home, not that I lived in a place like this, but did live right behind one! Worn with a pretty 60s crochet (op shop) knit twinset which is in mint condition!

Thank you Christine for having such an amazingly classy taste in vintage clothing! Birthday trip planned for Jan!
I ended up washing all my finds today as was such good weather perfect for quick drying! But this was a cute little find from this morning, broken mirror reveals the old backing which helps date it, makes it hard to repair the mirror but otherwise in such good condition, its such a pretty little mini travel vanity case!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Zandra Rhodes at Valentino Retrospective

So this week was half good and half bad. I FINALLY got to go to the Valentino exhibit up in Brisbane which was really great. I saw so many beautiful couture gowns so close up! The best one had to be the red one from 1959 with roses, but so many I loved and really inspired me to get back into designing. Shame my hubby was a bit of a s**t and ended up bickering with me all day till I cracked. At the start of the week had an argument with my supervisor too when all I wanted was someone to go 'there there its okay' everyone decided to just make my stressful 5 mins, 10 times worse. Walking past the LUSH shop in Brisbane I went in there as use to work there in the UK and a little treat from there always perks me up. The girls in there where so incredibly nice, even though I was a bit of a mess, it was so great to deal with people who where a bit kinder. Writting a long letter to them as people that kind deserve recognition.

Anyway at happier points of the day infront of the big sign out front as obviously couldn't photo anything in the exhibit. Plus my outfit of the day, on of the most special dreses I own, a birthday present from my mum-an original vintage silk hand painted, beaded dress with matching shawl from Zandra Rhodes.
So much detail and work on this, all edges trimmed with alternating beads and you can even remove the centre rosette on the front with little poppers. I will never part with this dress!

Its not quite Valentino couture, but I saw a few people eyeing it up at the exhibit which was great considering the competition around! Its not that I crave attention, but I am constantly surprised when people like what I wear.

A little plug for the place that turned my frown upside down-In the UK I know that they collected seaweed from one of the best beaches in England for their products-took them back and removed all the little critters off the seaweed and they where then returned to the seaside thye came from-how great is that! They sorted me out with a little free sample of their Lady Catrina Soap which I used this morning and the colour lone made me happy let alone getting to 'mell like home' again!
Finally today I was still feeling a little flat and then the nicest thing happened-I got a postcard with Je T'aime artwork on the front from one of my buyers as a thank you for the dress they bought, so feeling all happy and buzzy. The smallest things can really make the difference to someone, so off to find the bestest Vintage/Byron post card I can in return!
Looking forward to the vintage fair on this weekend-shame I am broke after the Brisbane trip!
Oh dear, spoke to soon, either someone is ransacking my kitchen or I an trouble for no reason again.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Excellent weekend!

Had an excellent weekend, market and garage sale happiness with so many great finds I feel just too lucky! First up this stunning dramatic lace hooded coat from the late 70s early 80s, just so out there, I love crazy clothes and mixing styles! Has a great pointy tassel hood and metal hook closures.

3 gorgoues 60s dresses, perfect for summer and these will be on ebay for Christmas!
Really cute little 50s hobby magazine and 2 50s patterns, plus a heap more plastic buttons, so pretty and colourful and great for repairing jackets.

A chic little geoff bade top and a not so chic but 80s and fun, knitted fruit crop top with beads!

Colourufl 70s jumper and floral maxi skirt and a fantastic 80s dress-looking forward to researching labels tonight!

This was just so cute and love the label! Little velvet mini dress, always a classic!

My score of the day-a 80s studibaker hawk cocktail dress in flawless condition! Love it!
Thanks for stopping by! Remember every comment/follower gets an entry into the prize draw for Christmas so you can get yourself the perfect present or sort out your new year outfit for free! Check old post for details :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Something for the boys!

I dont know why I buy things sometimes when not sure what they ever are, but I just like this, and as Im a girl-mainly for the box, trimmed with cut out metal edges.
This 'push pull tapper' sits in a wooden block inside the box and has lots of little attachments, its something to do with a drill, and it moves really smooth, but that still does not help me much. One part in the corner is missing-hopefully not too essential. I am going to see if my old boss would like it as he always enjoyed garage sales and would have more of a clue than me, but only was $5 so couldnt say no just for the packaging.

Same goes for this $1 iron aid things, I just love the pictures and instructions!

..and lastly to join in on a little game of flea market finds in orange-I am entering one of my favourite bags. Its not a new find, I hope thats not cheating, found it about 7 months ago but its just the most orange thing I have ever seen. Looks like no one ever used it, its flawless! The only thing that beats it is my full dinning roon table, chairs and side chairs in original 60s orange vinyl, inherited from my step dads parents but still at home back in the UK.
Head over to Recycled Fashion to play along and add your orange finds!