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Friday, November 19, 2010

Box of Vintage Treasures Discovered!

Fun fun fun this week with my bank account being wiped out by a dodgy ebay buyer from the US, meaning I have to take harsher measures for future customers-which sucks. Trying to pick myself up after being stuck rentless and eating cornflakes all week and for the foreseeable future I decided to get stuck into organising my store room. When I moved house I lost my little box of vintage treasures and thought they might be lost forever, however they where hidden at the back of a self so here is the contense of my treasure box-all op shop/market finds from my days before blogging. It made me pretty happy, not as happy as not being scammed but thats life, karma will do its job I am sure
Anyway this is one of my favourite finds, a box of 50s hairs combs in original box, seperated by layers of tissue. There is 12 in all, not one missing-I just love the pckaging and the fact its all together!
Next up my collection of vintage zipper pulls, I can do up all zips but hate the struggle in a hot changing room so when I am feeling lazy these come in very handy! Why dont they make them any more?
The little gold one is so cute and you can hide the chain away in the box!

These came from an old laundrette that closed down, I want to frame all my little bits and pieces like this one day and these will be the perfect addition. Some of the labels are from super expensive gowns so I guess someone has some amazing dresses out there and don't have a clue!

Some random other things including the cutest little 60s comb and mirror set! I love my London bus keyring too, reminds me of home!

Finally cutest little toy koala, he was only $1 so couldnt turn him down, and I found the instructions that came with my vintage rollarskates! I was so chuffed to find these, and in my size too-a very rare thing for someone with my huge feet, and about having big feet:
When I was a young teenager (15) I had a hard time finding shoes big enough to fit my size 8.5 uk feet and everything in my size was very ugly. My mum took me too London (I think for my birthday) and had found a 'special' shoe shop that would have 'nice' shoes to fit my feet. Off I go dreaming of bespoke footwear in fine Italian leather to my choice of design. Nope..... I was taken to a drag queen shop with not much choice of anything than perspex thigh highs and glitter stripper heels. Although I can see the funny side now I was in tears for half the day over that.


  1. omg. you poor thing. a drag queen shop. i also have big feet. i feel your pain. :)

  2. I have Red Stone skates that look like that. I was going to get rid of them - but they are too cool and remind me of the good old days of 1980. So I might display them instead.

    Love the combs in their original box!

  3. Love the skates! What a horrible thing that happened to you, so sorry to hear that, scary these things can happen

  4. Oh what fun stuff -- that is a treasure box! Up until now I had no idea there was such a thing as zipper pulls! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting -- so fun to meet new friends!