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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Something for the boys!

I dont know why I buy things sometimes when not sure what they ever are, but I just like this, and as Im a girl-mainly for the box, trimmed with cut out metal edges.
This 'push pull tapper' sits in a wooden block inside the box and has lots of little attachments, its something to do with a drill, and it moves really smooth, but that still does not help me much. One part in the corner is missing-hopefully not too essential. I am going to see if my old boss would like it as he always enjoyed garage sales and would have more of a clue than me, but only was $5 so couldnt say no just for the packaging.

Same goes for this $1 iron aid things, I just love the pictures and instructions!

..and lastly to join in on a little game of flea market finds in orange-I am entering one of my favourite bags. Its not a new find, I hope thats not cheating, found it about 7 months ago but its just the most orange thing I have ever seen. Looks like no one ever used it, its flawless! The only thing that beats it is my full dinning roon table, chairs and side chairs in original 60s orange vinyl, inherited from my step dads parents but still at home back in the UK.
Head over to Recycled Fashion to play along and add your orange finds!


  1. Haha, no thats not cheating, so long as its the right colour, and what a cool orange bag it is!!