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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Excellent weekend!

Had an excellent weekend, market and garage sale happiness with so many great finds I feel just too lucky! First up this stunning dramatic lace hooded coat from the late 70s early 80s, just so out there, I love crazy clothes and mixing styles! Has a great pointy tassel hood and metal hook closures.

3 gorgoues 60s dresses, perfect for summer and these will be on ebay for Christmas!
Really cute little 50s hobby magazine and 2 50s patterns, plus a heap more plastic buttons, so pretty and colourful and great for repairing jackets.

A chic little geoff bade top and a not so chic but 80s and fun, knitted fruit crop top with beads!

Colourufl 70s jumper and floral maxi skirt and a fantastic 80s dress-looking forward to researching labels tonight!

This was just so cute and love the label! Little velvet mini dress, always a classic!

My score of the day-a 80s studibaker hawk cocktail dress in flawless condition! Love it!
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  1. The 60's spotted green dress is lovely, I bet its hard for you to decide what to keep and what to eBay with such amazing finds!

  2. Love your Blog! Love the gothic hoodie and the Lolita Goth dress. I've seen some Studibaker Hawk clothing recently that was fun but I don't know the brand. And my body it too rubenesque to fit into anything fun anymore :-( My size of clothing is mostly dowdy stuff.

    However my favourite trousers were a 1$ op shop pair of new Geoff Bade.

    Have you seen these websites?
    http://vintagefashionguild dot org/label-resource-a-z/
    http://www dot steelzipper dot com/


  3. Wow you certainly had a good weekend of finds. How exciting. I love all of them.

  4. Well Done on the Studibaker Hawk dress! From what I can see, it looks in mint condition, and I'm *lovin'* the 1980s printing on it too. Perhaps we can coordinate you for another WKBD shot again when we showcase the *gold* Studibaker's design! :-)