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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage Fair- I LOVE Adornments Vintage!

Another vintage fair on this weekend in Byron, and obviously had to go and although I didnt plan on buying anything, one of my favourite vintage stores won me over.
As a 'hard core' bargain hunter it rare for me to treat myself to anything full price (not new stuff or top whack vintage, just not op shop cheap) but when I do I always end up at the same places. I have visited the Adornments store in Brisbane, (you must check it out if in the area!) and its gorgeous, full to the brim floor to ceiling with an amazing choice of vintage and antique clothing and collectables, including lots of stunning lace. Today was the best choice out of over 30 sellers there! I really could have happily bought half her rail if I had enough but was very pleased to walk way with these:
I love this piece, its so my style, its like Ossie Clark done 80s style. The dress is by zozo, have seen this brand before but dont know much about it. The spotted panels are cotton, and the rest is sheer silk-and heaps of it. It fits me like it was made for me and its just so fun and unique and the most fantastic shaping around bodice and back!
Next this cute little 50s skirt with the most beautiful print I have seen. It reminds me of home, not that I lived in a place like this, but did live right behind one! Worn with a pretty 60s crochet (op shop) knit twinset which is in mint condition!

Thank you Christine for having such an amazingly classy taste in vintage clothing! Birthday trip planned for Jan!
I ended up washing all my finds today as was such good weather perfect for quick drying! But this was a cute little find from this morning, broken mirror reveals the old backing which helps date it, makes it hard to repair the mirror but otherwise in such good condition, its such a pretty little mini travel vanity case!


  1. The horse print 50's skirt is stunning, and reminds me a little of the vintage dress that won fashions in the field at the Melbourne spring races this year

  2. Ive never heard of that store in Paddington before, thanks for sharing! :) I shall make note to pop in one day as it sounds amazing!

    - Krystal xo

  3. Nice finds, love the little case, even with the broken mirror.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You really got the eyes for the vintage clothing. For my vintage fabric with the original label, I really don't want to cut it up ... Btw, I am a zoo member of the Adelaide zoo. Have you seen the pandas yet?