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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Zandra Rhodes at Valentino Retrospective

So this week was half good and half bad. I FINALLY got to go to the Valentino exhibit up in Brisbane which was really great. I saw so many beautiful couture gowns so close up! The best one had to be the red one from 1959 with roses, but so many I loved and really inspired me to get back into designing. Shame my hubby was a bit of a s**t and ended up bickering with me all day till I cracked. At the start of the week had an argument with my supervisor too when all I wanted was someone to go 'there there its okay' everyone decided to just make my stressful 5 mins, 10 times worse. Walking past the LUSH shop in Brisbane I went in there as use to work there in the UK and a little treat from there always perks me up. The girls in there where so incredibly nice, even though I was a bit of a mess, it was so great to deal with people who where a bit kinder. Writting a long letter to them as people that kind deserve recognition.

Anyway at happier points of the day infront of the big sign out front as obviously couldn't photo anything in the exhibit. Plus my outfit of the day, on of the most special dreses I own, a birthday present from my mum-an original vintage silk hand painted, beaded dress with matching shawl from Zandra Rhodes.
So much detail and work on this, all edges trimmed with alternating beads and you can even remove the centre rosette on the front with little poppers. I will never part with this dress!

Its not quite Valentino couture, but I saw a few people eyeing it up at the exhibit which was great considering the competition around! Its not that I crave attention, but I am constantly surprised when people like what I wear.

A little plug for the place that turned my frown upside down-In the UK I know that they collected seaweed from one of the best beaches in England for their products-took them back and removed all the little critters off the seaweed and they where then returned to the seaside thye came from-how great is that! They sorted me out with a little free sample of their Lady Catrina Soap which I used this morning and the colour lone made me happy let alone getting to 'mell like home' again!
Finally today I was still feeling a little flat and then the nicest thing happened-I got a postcard with Je T'aime artwork on the front from one of my buyers as a thank you for the dress they bought, so feeling all happy and buzzy. The smallest things can really make the difference to someone, so off to find the bestest Vintage/Byron post card I can in return!
Looking forward to the vintage fair on this weekend-shame I am broke after the Brisbane trip!
Oh dear, spoke to soon, either someone is ransacking my kitchen or I an trouble for no reason again.

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