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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My British Bargains and Back Garden!

I am finally home again! Its summertime and all the little stone houses are covered in roses, and the supermarkets are full of yummy berries so everything feels very English and I love it. Although this is not technically my back garden, it is as close as possible. The back wall of our actual garden is a big cliff that forms into the back wall of Blenheim Palace, which means as residents we get access to palace grounds whenever we want so its about a 2 minute walk for me to be enjoying this not only sprawling but old and beautiful park-I am planning on getting more photos of the stunning trees they have here for my next posts.
So this is the little crop of huge copperbeech trees just as I come into the park.

....and that is the view of the main palace is, just had a huge game fair on so lots of cute little medieval style tents dotted around. The main palace started to be built in 1704 (I think-I should probably check this stuff but been there a million times and sure I'm close enough!) because John Churchill (familiar name?) whooped the French at the Spanish Succession-bit better than a medal! He became the first Duke of Marlborough, and currently up to number 11. Winston Churchill was born here and they are all buried in the little church across from our house. So much history!!!

This is my favourite part of Blenheim Palace, this bridge is HUGE it looks small in the picture but its not. You can see a couple of doorways on each side and these 2 'apartments' are where the young royals used to hold parties, especially in the Summer.

 and this is all the wrong way round because we walk from the back, but this is the main entrance that leads to the cute little historic town of Woodstock, which is where I will be walking to send off my ebay goodies when I do move back

The little sign reads 'Views and Postcard of Blenheim', very picturesque.

This is the famous pub 'The Bear' and you can see why the Aussie pubs just dont match up-Sorry!

Now for my finds of the week! I headed off to a little carboot this morning, and struck gold which I honestly did not expect after seeing the 20 car boot sellers in a little grassy field but these caught my eye instantly.
Punch Magazine 1945-1956

 I was told there was about 50 (actually 88) of these and they had been sitting at their parents house for years. £5 for the lot and includes heaps of special editions and all in really good condition.

 Its so funny to read the old adverts, especially for brands that are still around that I know so well!

 You get some pretty good ones....

 ...Really? I thought it was always a dull and uninspired option when you don't even know what sort of choccy or wine someone likes....

Bulmers cider, apparently it 'suits all the family', not a phrase I would commonly associate with alcoholic beverages but then us Brits are famed for a drinking culture for a reason-we start young.

1930s Plum Silk Velvet Dress

 Here are a couple of pieces from my collection I have back here, its been fun going through all the pieces and been cleaning some others ready to photograph but this is one of my favourites as such a pretty colour, fabric and fit!

1930s Pink Silk Velvet Cut Glass Button Dress

I am obsessed with these buttons and has the most amazing cut and back ruffle. The colour is almost neon, which I find nice in such an old piece because darker tones seem to be much more common.

Collar Work on 30s Velvet Dress

As black never photos well just took a picture of the collar on this beauty, the pearl and rhinestone work are stunning and the dress keeps up with the standard pretty well.

More Car Boot Finds

Cute little picture with frame-I can buy house stuff now as don't have to worry about bring it home-I AM HOME!
Cookie Cutter Sets

 £1 for the lot- its like someone knew I just forked out £20 on squeeze bottles, edible glitter, pearl dust and fancy colours for icing and was gagging to play with my new found cookie skills.

Silver belt with sea creatures AND a mini watering can (can you ever have too many watering cans how ever impractical the size?) all for 50p and below, for 10p, thus getting myself a whole 2 pence of the original purchase price-tailors chalk! It looks unused too.

Now my final items for the day which was pretty chuffed with, these 2 seal presses-which I was advised would make lovely doorstops-£1.50 for the 2 and weigh a ton. I have already e-mailed someong to try and get some replacement text blocks with my logo on-I love the classic font they used on it!

Next blog will be my from my trips to Paris and Amsterdam-my wallet hopes that I don't have too much to show you but not sure I can hold myself back-first proper holiday in 5 years and its Paris-I want EVERYTHING in that place.

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See you there and thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG I want those velvet dresses are you selling them or they in your collection?Do tell me if you are selling them I want dibs I am serious.I LOVE velvet and I Love vintage. They are just so beautiful!!!!
    Great finds on the Punch mags too.

  2. It must be so nice to be back in England exploring such historic places, I remember visiting Blenheim palace in my school days. Love the velvet dress. Enjoy!

  3. Those velvet dresses are fabulous! Love the colours!

    E :)

  4. Welcome back to England! And my didnt you do well at the booty! Love it all :o) Scarlett x

  5. wow, the plum and pink velvet dresses are amazing. I also really love the watering can and the seal presses. That's brilliant that you can get replacement text made, though I think I might just pretend I lived in Heath House, Milton-Under-Wychwood :)

  6. Welcome home - didn't realise your stomping ground was quite so impressive, no wonder you've missed it!

    Loving your bootsale finds too x

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  8. Oh my goodness! I don't know where to start!

    Those dresses - wow!

    The letter presses are a real bargain too and great that you're looking into re-using them. x

  9. Love the style of the dress.
    The novel doorsteps are fab and effective.
    I would never get my head out of those magazines so a good job I did not find them

  10. WOw! THe dresses and the figure that goes with them ! Can I have both !

    All those punch magazines for £5 !!! were they nuts ! well done you.

    A fab collection, can't wait to see what you find in Paris !

  11. I weep, I virtually weep! Blenheim! To live in such a place! I am speechless! And don't apologise...i have never found an Aussie pub that comes near a British pub.

  12. Lovely stuff and great way to manage your stuff using images.