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Saturday, July 9, 2011

$2 Tuesday (or Saturday)

So someone knew I needed cheering up this week and exactly what it would take to do that, a huge pile or vintage clothes for $2 a piece! I also have washed and cleaned everything from all my clothes, to every room in the house, got my post table sorted so will take my fella less time to send off my ebay items when away, and in a rather OCD way have folded my best vintage clothes and packed into individual zip lock bags for my trip so with that bonus this morning, a nice tidy organised house and a tray full of yummy cookies to nibble on, today has been good!

Top Finds of the Week!

Some of my favourite finds tihs week are my leopard coat, the 60s label is so cute and it has a rabbit fur trim really nicely dyed to look like leopard, plus groovy paisley lining! Really pretty smocked maxi dress and a boutiqish dress from some Australian designer who I dont know about because im not that up of anything post 1989

Vintage 80s Jackets

Seemed to be finding lots of groovy jackets today, I love the denim one, tempted to keep that on, and really like the floral one too.


Totally scored with my stripy Alice MaCall cardigan, such a bargain! The ebay crew seem to love AM stuff so for $2, I am very chuffed! Cute little retro cardi too which is in my favourite colour!

Vintage 80s Leather Paris High Waist Trousers

These were just to groovy and odd to say no to, 2-tone leather and suede trousers made in France. They are really well tailored and so quirky!

More Jackets

The first on is the 1940s Leather swing coat I restored after had been living under the house. Looking fantastic now and ready for an ebay outing I think if it stops being stupidly quite soon. Quietest time I have ever had on ebay which sucks as I go on holiday in 2 weeks! I am sure that has not been making me very cheery! Next coat I could get on as my arms are too butch but it has a really pretty fit around bust and made of a floral brocade.

Salt and Pepper Sets

Retro sets of salt and pepper shakers always catch my eye, even though I probably will never use them as like the grinder jobbys but they look so pretty!

Spiced Honey Iced Bunny Biscuits

So these are my new experiment, needing a break from the chocolate chips. I know its not Easter but they are for Holly at work and we have rabbits at work so its themed. Had a little gingerbread man one but kept decapitating them when cutting out the dough.

Hope you all had a lovely week, and thank for all your kind comments on my last post, really cheered me up! Thank you so much!

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  1. Oh wow what great finds I am loving that 1st jacket and how cheap was it all lucky you.

  2. I love your Alice MaCall cardi, I have no idea of this label, but its so pretty, reminds me of a bumble bee :)

  3. The white coat on the right is so pretty. Would look great with a 1960s-style outfit.

  4. Fantastic prices for you.
    Ahh, I remember once when I had a waist and could pull off those short jacket looks.

    Then I looked down and saw you had a cookie post! I think I gained a couple pounds there.

  5. I like the colour of your salt and pepper sets and you can always just display on there own, as they are so quaint. I agree with lost property vintage the white vintage jacket on the right is beautiful! Bx

  6. Thanks for dropping in.Was nice to see a comment at my craft blog even tho I dont post there anymore.(I use my Nelly one) I want to see those patterns done too, one day they may be lol

  7. I love the colours and pattern of the dress in the middle on the top set of pictures, and those two tone trousers, wow, they look great on you!
    Enjoy your bunnies :)

  8. I like the maxi dress and the colour best but I remember those short jackets from the 80s with nostalgia too.
    Good Luck with it all

  9. Know the feeling Nelly! I have a few like that, Would be great if I just keep thinking hard enough about it and develop Matilda style skills and they will make themselves.