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Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Designer Bargains

Its when you see a combination like this that your heart stops. I had a huge pile of luck behind me when I went vintage hunting this week, and everything was such a bargain! So this might not be my personal style, way too conservative and Queenish (the monarch not the band or lifestyle). I seem to have particular luck with this brand, as score 3 pairs of the bow shoes for under $5 about 2 years ago. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Metallic Knit Skirt

 I had to leave the evidence on there and onto my next designer bargain...

Vintage 70s Merivale Jacket

 Its 'Australian Biba' (but minus one of the 0's on the price tag) for the bargain price of $2! Spotted the label a mile off even though flipped round the other way-was so proud of that one.

60s Maxi Dress & Velvet Smocked Dress

Quite fond of the label on the maxi! It has really nice bright colours in the skirt too! This cute little smocked velvet dress was too good to leave behind.

70s 80s Stephan Galloway Full Skirt Party Dress

Simple but so gorgeous this 50s style chocolate brown party dress was apparently by a famous 80s designer but not got chance too look it up yet in my books!

Mint Psychedelic Tunic & Aussie Hand Knit Sweater

Now the tunic was all colourful and glittery and new looking- I'm like some magpie, there is a reason Hoarders is band from my television. The jumper however is mine to keep forever, and is extra special as was from a local couple who I know well. She knitted it for her daughter but was never worn as allergic to wool so I got it, hooray! I love the little echidnas on the arms!

80s Vintage Flowery Trousers

Im not sure if these are good or bad, but I like them. Yes they are pretty cheesy but would probably look fantastic on one of those chic French or California boho type girls. My style is either joggers and a random t-shirt when just doing house stuff, or I look like I got dressed in a fancy dress store, I never look very vintage-more comical.

Heaps of Vintage 80s Knits

Lots of wool and angora knits, the rainbow vest is my top pick. Cute little crochet knit dress too.

Groovy Tops & More Eccentric Trousers

 I love the trousers, $2 from some Japanese girls selling all their gear at the youth hostel. They look so comfy, and perfect for Spring. Retro 70s tops and a bright neon shawl-cant believe how much I found today!

Vintage Dresses

80s party dress,and from the 60s a metal zip spotty dress, and a psychedelic halter dress.

Lots of Vintage 80s Tops

Sparkly gold cardi, ruffle collar shirt, bird curtain print t-shirt and a beautiful rose print delicate sheer blouse!

Now I am exhausted and broke so I am tucking into my favourite Yalla Vanilla yogurt and watching a film while I clean iron and hem some of my finds, I love Saturday afternoons!

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See you there and thanks for stopping by!


  1. The Stephen Galloway label had me curious, so I googled. Powerhouse Museum has some of his outfits ...

  2. Please tell me the shops you frequent also have piles of whatever the Aussie version of Primark is as well as the treasure?! I like the maxi dress best, the floral trousers are insane (and this is coming from someone who used to wear skin tight pink and orange flared leggings) - not sure yellow streaks belong on white trousers, worried it might look like an accident had occurred!

    (Ps. the lace 60s dress with pearly nips you showed me is brilliant, but I'd probably better steer clear of white cos of the bride)

  3. I love the maxi and the yellow pants alot

  4. You always find the best stuff! Scarlett x

  5. sigh. i don't know why. but!
    i want those flowery trousers!!

  6. I'm with @woolf, want those flares!

  7. I adore that 10, Downing Street maxi, it's beautiful and something I'd love to own. x

  8. The floral pants are the best!

    The Joyful Thrifter