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Friday, June 10, 2011

Old & Gold in Brunswick

Today was my Christmas, the Old & Gold event in Brunswick Heads. It is AMAZING and probably why I thought Ballina Garage Sale Trail was such crap. After some very busy weeks at work covering for people on holiday I have hardly got to any op shops or markets so was hoping this was a good year, and I was not let down! Held each year in June it has all day events from over 60 garage sales, collectors stalls all over town- check out the list of what was going on here-and make sure you dont miss out next year!
I am sorry though, other than few items from last week, everything photographed on the floor as I'm freezing and wearing a nice warm jumper and dont want to take it off.

HUGE (36" +) Vintage African Tribal Leather Bag

I cant call this a bag really, its a thing, in a positive way-not like I cant be bothered to describe it, but more like 'it came from outer space', there is a very high chance that my death will be the result of the tassels eating me alive Little Shop of Horrors style. I am in love though. Hand painted leather, so many thick long tassels, it is supposed to be used as a backpack looped over each arm but I am going to devise a leather strap to connect handle to it will be come the most overly pretentious shoulder bag in the world. Its stupidly huge (put a cd next to it to show size), but so am I - a perfect match! I have great fears as a girl from a small town will not be able to keep up with the chic fashion set in Paris and London when visit soon, so weird and loud is the way to go!

40s Farmers Irish Linen Dress

This gorgeous dress just needs 2 bits of elastic in the sides spots where its gone and will be perfect again. The lace is layered and very detailed. I didnt do it justice in the photos.

Chipie Prairie Circle Skirt and 60s Hand Knit Rose Cardigan

I used to have a pair of chipie trainers in pink suede and they glowed in the dark (I was 13). I think the skirt will out last the trainers in style but I still want my pink ones back. The hand knit cardi matches perfectly too!

60s Patchwork Velvet Jacket and Alpaca Peruvian Jumper

The patchwork on the jacket is a print, not real patchwork, but love the cut of it, very retro and has such a nice label. My alpaca knit is a true classic, so warm and soft with a brilliant pattern of little people and alpacas.

50s Floral Bathing Suit

Totally scored with this gorgeous little 50s swimsuit in a really nice print too! The back is all smocked and has old size tag, just no label, but beautiful all the same and in excellent condition.

Nice shape to bust and pleating down bodice! I also found this one that looks a little later but cute too.
50s 60s Blue Nautical Swimsuit

Very nice shape to seams with little tie at waist and button shoulders.

60s 70s Huge Angel Sleeve Mini Dress

Very pretty dress with the best huge sleeves!

70s Tailored Satin Shirt

Bit of a sucker for a tailored shirt with long sleeves and groovy cuffs in a colour that goes with everything! Yay!

60s Rhinestone Mod Mini Dress & 70s Sheer Floral 2pc Playsuit

The floral bit is sheer but comes with a little waistcoat jacket too, I thought it was a dress-I never realise things are playsuits till I get home but love playsuits so not a bad thing!

40s 50s White Leather 'Audrey Hepburn' Swing Coat

The people selling this knew me, just from seeing me hunt around vintage clothes at op shops and garage sales round town and she went and got me this coat. It had been stored under the house, I could understand if it was a cut off bit of naff carpet, but its not-why do people do that its just cruel. Anyway I gave it a bath and cleaned it up-turned water black, conditioned it with leather and although is not perfect-some cracking on edges and some very light marks, it looks a million times better. Getting some white leather shoes stuff to try patch up marks a bit more so is gleaming-but here is a sneak peak at the label and lining.

More Vintage Letterpress Blocks

I am truly addicted to these, love the deco lady in the swimsuit!

Vintage 70s Coconut Bag

Cute little retro coconut bag, my mum bought one of ebay which turned out to be miniture and in the same week I found one that really is the size of a coconut!

Retro Wristwatch

I cocked up and dropped it and broke the glass. I should care more but I don't, I just like it because it was weird and cost 50 cents. As this did too-which I cant even understand, its just cute.

Mini French/German Dictionary

60s Squatter Board Game

This made me laugh when I read the instructions and I had to buy it. I consider myself a smart person, I have a high IQ, but this very Australian game in which you take sheep to market, totally confused me. I have no doubt that had it to a kid living on a sheep farm in the middle of Australia they would totally get it. It comes with a little box full of sheep head counters to make your flocks.
Thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving your comments! Hope everyone has had a good few weeks and pop over to Sophies site to join in the flea market finds game on Sunday!
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  1. I never find vintage swim suits, esp ones as lovely as what you got here! Im in awe of all your goodies!! Scarlett x

  2. Oh brilliant finds! I was going to go, in fact I was going to have a stall at the school, but I am still a bit poorly, bit of an invalid(she croaked in a plaintive voice)so I didn't bother. You must have a nose for all of these. I went last year and got nada.
    I know what you mean re cruelty. I have just been lecturing my daughter on looking after the vintage clothes she is regularly stealing from my wardrobe. Geez. I don't mind her wearing them, but leaving them on the floor, or rolled up in a ball and shoved in a drawer. Pleeaase! they are over 40 years old.

  3. I totally love your tribal bag, it looks similar to one I saw on pinterest recently
    I'm also doing a weekly link up on my blog if you're keen? :)

  4. You are so clever - I am totally stalking your shop and blog until you come back to the UK. Not sure what I like best - but the coconut bag is calling to me from this post ;-)

    That sheep game looks hilarious. Am having much Aussie love at the moment, watching chris Lilley's new show and (as ever) listening to Tim Minchin's songs. I've also just read 'The Dead Heart' which is a brilliant short novel by Douglas Kennedy set Oz. Probably not one the tourist board would appreciate though!

  5. man! i mean woman!
    i just don't know what to say, unless i write a post about all you are showing us!!!!
    the bathing suits, both of 'em... the sleevy top, the lilliput dictionnaire, the stamps....
    man, oh, man! [sigh]

  6. wow... those bathing suits are amazing but the letterpress stamps take the cake for me. I am in love!

  7. love, love that mini dress!!! oh, and the boy bought squatter from a garage sale a year or so ago and we played it one Saturday afternoon. The game goes FOREVER!

  8. The letterpress blocks are awesome!!!