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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Deadstock for Winter

I am sure I was missing out on something this weekend, my early morning outings are usually pretty quite, maybe will see another car or 2, but today I was in a traffic queue! I couldn't believe it! I hope it was not too exciting-was asking everyone and not a clue!

Vintage 60s Mod Wool Dress NEW with TAGS

Perfect for winter! A cute little retro wool dress with its original labels!!!! I love a good bit of vintage deadstock, and although its not a terribly upmarket label-its so cute, and wool, and of course in mint condition! Future treasure I am sure!

1930s Beaded Coin Purse

This is a really cute little purse from original owner! Its from the 30s and in really good condition other than slight tarnishing but all beading in place and love the ruching on the inside!
1940s Canns Crepe Dress and 90s Tartan Dress

My bargain of the week, a pretty 40s dress from Canns. Pretty good condition and cost only $15! I love this tartan dress, I think this is a keeper for my wardrobe just because I need new things myself now and again, and I not only keep so little now, but also shrinking the things I actually consider mine to keep too, getting ready for the inevitable move!

POM POM Knit Poncho and New Zealand Jumper

Getting winter things-love this knitted poncho with all the bobbles AND A HOOD. I like stuff with hoods-full outside protection which I am very wimpy over, I cant handle the cold, and I do get a little worried about returning to the UK. Thankfully have an armory of wools, furs and heaps of heavy coats to help me battle through colder days and refined my dressing skills in the last 5 years. The New Zealand jumper just made me laugh, I'm so childish.

Vintage 60s Rainbow Embroidered Rodeo Shirt

Really cool vintage shirt that was being eyed up by lots of the band folk up for Blues Fest but was too small for everyone-sorry boys! I guess its a given considering my obsession with cowboy boots, I love the whole Rodeo thing, I wanted to be Annie Oakley when I was little. I took up riding lessons but gave up as got bored of going round in circles, and realising there was little call in the modern day for catching bandits on horse back and the like.

I can only hope you really do have past lives as I think in the 1800 I was a pirate, in early 1900s I was an explorer late ones a rodeo cowgirl then I could have been the giant woman in the 1920s circus acts, but that would make my current life rather dull.

Vintage Zip Fixer Kit

I don't know if could ever use these which is stupid because for me they are pretty useful, and wish I knew about a modern equivalent but I just love the packaging!

Old Mini Soap Box Cupboard

Nice little dusty old soap box.... day I will put stuff in it.

Rabbit School

So this little set was believed to be long gone. My mum made this for my granny when she was pregnant with me, and made it because my granny used to have a little toy school with rabbits when she was a little girl. Mum found out she had it last time she visited and the only fault is a broken table leg-apparently my fault when I was playing with it. Its all hand made felt animals with so many accessories!

Hope you all had a good weekend and found some goodies of your own! Head over to Sophies site to join in the fun and thanks so much for visiting!


  1. beautiful finds! U found some amazing stuff!

  2. I love that shirt. I reckon my husband would have been eying that off. He can't find a noice one to fit his girth, and all the new ones are a bit cheesy.

  3. Annie Oakley and cowboy boots? Me too lol I had this awesome Annie Oakly outfit including the 2 blond plaits attached to the hat and my rather large size metal rocking horse that was my best friend and was stolen when I was little.I still love cowboy boots and cowboys too -but cant have one of those.

  4. You find the best stuff ever! Love that rodeo shirt, that rocks! The purse is super cute and i so would have had that soap box! Scarlett x

  5. Fabulous finds all - loving that New Zealand jumper! The rabbit school is too cute.

  6. I really miss riding - I had a pony when I was younger (get me, sounds posh eh?). I'd really love to go on one of those ranching holidays where you ride all day, round up cattle and mend fences before collapsing by a campfire to eat beans. That'd slim my thighs back down again!

    Love your non-clothing finds too, and that bunny school is amazing, your mum's so clever.

  7. oh man i love that little rabbit school!

  8. wow like the vintage dress, soap box and rodeo shirt, fab finds! It's not easy to find vintage things in our thrift stores here in Singapore. So I can only ogle at other blogs like yours. Thanks for popping by my blog anyways.


  9. what great things very nice finds