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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cowboy Boot Collection

Anyone who knows me (or sees my ebay items for sale!) will know I live in my cowboy boots. I have huge man size feet so narrow little heels don't fit me, not to mention making me look like a cross dresser as over 6ft 2 in heels. My discovery was made over 5 years ago while travelling round Mexico.
After ending up in Chetumal which is in the South of the Yucatan region it was hardly describable as a tourist destination. Pawn shops/banks/jewelery stores had policemen in bulletproofs and guns sat outside 24/7 and I was about 5m away from a guy getting jumped in an attempted kidnapping while on my own-little bit scary. However did find a real authentic cowboy shop, selling spurs, machetes-the lot! There I found the boots that would be surgically attached to my feet for the next 5 years (cost 460 pesos= approx $50)

THE Mexican Horseshoe Cowboy Boots

So here they are-softest leather, fit like a glove and honestly cannot leave the house without a compliment. I worn them once to go put the rubbish out and a cyclist going past said 'Great boots'! I paid nearly twice what they are worth to get them resoled over here, as the bottoms had pretty much disappear which was annoying when it rained.

Mexican Steer Head Embroidered Boots

Never seen anything like them other than finding these on a real auction in Texas and I managed to win them and get them sent to me. Not as soft, and not as awesome as my ones but I still love them-these are the ones I can get a bit muddy at festivals.

Fringed Tan Cowboy Boots

Next up for a bit of a colour change is my tan fringed ones with nice little cuban heel-cowboy boots have to have a woodstacked heel and must be leather, I hate plastic copies.

Eagle Inlay Cowboy Boots

As I needed some inlay ones these are my 'smart' boots with colourful inlay. It has little white inly stars over back but forgot to photograph!

Colourful Cowboy Boots

Colourful cowboy boots are next on the list-just won these on ebay, they dont send out of the states so hope will actually get them! The red ones are my size and the cutest kiddy boots in the world come with them! Tiny inlay cowboy boots-I love them!

Cactus Pony Hair Tipped Boots

So these are the ones going on ebay-a tiny bit too small to be comfy for me too wear. Also the reason of getting inspired to do this post. My mum just broke the news that she has wanted cowboy boots for around 10 years but the leather is often hard and difficult to get a perfect fit. So I am determined to save up to buy her some very posh ones (see below) so listing several pairs of shoes from my personal collection to raise money for it!


Checkout these stunning things- if you like cowboy boots you have to check out Rocketbuster Boots, they have the most amazing array of boots and these are what I want to get for my mum. I know it seems expensive but if find it hard to get comfortable shoes, a hand made pair will fit like a glove and last a life time. Just think how much money you have wasted on shoes that just end up rubbing a little too much and you will never wear them. My handmade heels have been with me for 12 years and will never get rid of them!

21 Eyelet Lace Up Leather Boots

These are just so trendy right now, just again sucks my clown feet dont fit them right-so off to ebay they go for some lucky trendy young thing to enjoy.

1990s GUCCI Lace Platform Heels

Anyone a size 39? I am pretty sure these are from the 1996 Summer collection. I have the exact same shoes which I bought on holiday in Milan when I was about 16 I think. Technically I just ordered mine rather than buy them as they didn't have my size. These are a smaller pair I got for a photo shoot but now going to be a sizeable chunk of my mums boots fund!

Limited Edition Sailor Jerry Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

They are the first lot of Sailor Jerry Converse ever released, limited edition number 456 of 2500-I wish I could wear these, they are just so cool in the best colours.....
....................................................and just check out the soles!!!

I have always wanted to be cool and grungy enough to wear converse, but just too tall and lanky and make me look daft-even these which are a size too small-which is why I have worn them once and just enjoyed staring at them the rest of the time-I feel mean and selfish stopping someone who could rock these to perfection from wearing them, but it pains me greatly to be putting these up for sale. but again, stare at these, or a happy mum with awesome boots? Mum wins each time on that one :)

Of course once mum has her boots I am saving up for a pair of my own!


  1. Hmm, dunno if I'm cool, but certainly used to be grungey and still live in converse. I have noticed and admired your cowboy boots on many occasions - I am still on the lookout for the perfect pair which don't make me look like Jon Bon Jovi c1983. (my first love ;-))

    You always look great in yours with dresses, sadly I'm not sure I'm ever tanned enough of leg to get away with it.

  2. What a great post, loving all your cowboy boots but im also also a converse gal and those sailor jerry ones are awesome, love sailor jerry and spent a fortune on a hoodie when i was in the states to have something snug to wear on the flight home! Scarlett x

  3. I loooooove your boot collection...i have been desperately bidding on ebay for the last week trying to get some cowboy boots and some punk ones....must try the buy it now option to save the heart ache.