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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collecting Colourful Velvet Dresses

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed many chocolate treats!

This weeks top find is not mine, but again its mums. She got this for £6 at a UK charity shop. I am sure its 40s and in mint condition with a label!!! It must be in the genes or something. Cant wait to see it when I get home in July!

1940s Beaded Shift Dress

80s CUE Dress, 70s 'ORANGE' Layered Rose Dress & 60s Rainbow Floral Mini

My best finds from last week which I at least got to photograph properly. The Cue dress is fantastic, all of them perfect too!

60s Royal Blue Velvet Party Dress

So I have a red one, a green one, a fushia one, a black one and now a blue one! Hooray! I love velvet so much.

60s Daisy Mod Dress-So Cute!

I love this Dress-Daisy trim on the collar cuffs and waist, really nice tailoring, super bright blue-all the bells and whistles!!!

Vintage Silk Priest Cape

Has anyone ever really gone there with religious inspired fashion? Or has it been a bit taboo? Who cares-Im going to rock this as a mini dress, may take a while to catch on as a mainstream look though!

80s ZOZO Dress and Mondi Pink Star Blouse

I love zozo since I found my red spotty dress many blog posts back, know nothing about the brand but its 70s-80s Australian I think, any info from those of you that lived here/where alive then would be much appreciated.

50s Nude Illusion Lace Dress and 70s Cord Jumpsuit

Gorgeous Nude effect 50s lace dress with bow waist, and bright cherry red cord jump which just make me want to go hang at a service station and fill peoples cars for them.

English Hunt Cotton Curtain Fabric

Just because one day I will have the best dress from this fabric, in a very British mood due to royal wedding (how amazing was that dress!) and so could not say no to this print!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Head over to Sophies site to see everyone elses!


  1. Great finds as usual. Love the velvet, VERY Kate Middleton!

  2. That velvet dress is perfection, what a find!

  3. Oh you find such great stuff! I want to come shopping with you! Amazing velvet dress and the mod daisy dress is so cute. Always love how you wear the 80s ones too - very Aerosmith video (in a good way)

    Yes, sure I saw the yellow version of your green belted one at Westminster Abbey on Friday!

  4. Oh hello horsey fabric! That is divine, I love it

  5. Oh how I love the 60s daisy mod dress!!! That is SO fantastic!

  6. wow, what great finds! i love that velvet dress especially.