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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garage Sale Trail in Ballina

Was unfortunately a total let down, got there super early and everyone had started but was like a ghost town with goods to much. I am pretty surprised with over 100 garage sales the best thing I managed was a old matches collection but then on the drive back home struck gold with some fab vintage clothes.

Anyway after my inks and sample papers arrived this week it wasw all fun and games of playing with my new print blocks, although not too happy with the ink I got, too heavy and sticky so need something lighter and more user friendly as spent half a day cleaning black ink spots of everything in the house including myself and my little carpet print trail.

Using hand made papers and got sent a bunch of samples from who make beautiful natural papers and card!

Labels for my clothes!

Business cards-to be refined when new ink arrives!

50s Stripy Dress and 60s Paisley Dress made of WOOL!

The stripy dress was an ebay score but got this little paisley dress and they are both made of a fabric that feels like a cotton but is very fine wool! Really nice and perfect for this season!

80s Abstract Playsuit with pockets!

Thankfully more fashionable folke closer to home that where selling this cute little 80s playsuit! Made up for the early start!

60s 70s Mexican DEER ROSE Leather Tooled Bag

It comes with a long strap but just needs to be repaired on the side, which is very cheap down at my local shoe fixer upper. Love the deer design and big roses and although has no stamp it looks identical to other ones I have seen made in Meixco!

New Matchbox Collection!

My only find in Ballina, someones old collection of match boxes. My aunty had the same 'naughty lady one' which I remember always finding funny when I was very little, and although nothing special the swallow hotels is where my mum went swimming and took me along when I was about 8 or 9.

Karen Walker Tortoise Sunnies

My find of the week though is my Karen Walker sunnies for $15. I have always wanted some Karen Walker sunglasses but way out my price range! Good things come to those who wait!

Check out Sophies site to join in the flea market hunt and see what goodies where found this week! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Really like your business tags (about to go check out now)

    Your Mexican Leather Tooled Bag is to die for, I adore it

  2. Oh you did way better than me we had about 41 here buit many werent open yesterday or started late and many others were terrible.Glad you found some vintage dresses Its what I was hoping for too

  3. Great job on the tags! I also really dig that paisley dress... and those sunglasses... oh my, those sunglasses!

  4. the business cards are coming along fine nonetheless, it seems, and oh la la, those glasses!!! ;)