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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Easter Bunny and the usual Dresses!

So big apology for not visiting everyones blogs last week, I love doing it just like I love reading my favourite magazine and always like to save a bit of time aside, make myself a nice drink or snack and fully enjoy the process. However half the staff walked out on the day job, its been very unpleasant at work and have gone from 2 days to 5 at the moment, not to mention Easter being one of the busy ebay times for me so in work eat sleep mode.

Looking forward to life getting less hectic, but not looking forward to being overlooked at work again, despite asking for more hours for 2 years they have already hired more staff rather than give me hours! If anyone wants to tell them that I rock and give great reptile talks you can have something free from the shop!!!

Hand Made Felt Bunny

This remind you of anything mum? I cried my eyes out for ages on a holiday to Switzerland when I was little because I lost a little hand made jointed felt bunny my mum had got from her dad who made it. This one is not quite as special as that one but reminds me of it. Everytime I see something like this I grab it and get so excited people always turn round and say just have it, but had to give them a bit of change. Perfect timing for Easter!

Cute Floral Wood Carved Beveled Mirror

Cutest little tiny (fits in palm) hand held mirror with floral carving. I have a fixation with 30s-70s alpine vintage stuff so goes right in with my collection perfectly!

80s Party Dresses: Geoff Bade Rainbow Floral & Glitter Strapless

I love these 2 dresses, especially the colourful Geoff Bade one, so 80s! But the unlabelled one is just such a great cut with a super dramatic skirt!

40s 50s? Farmers Long Slinky Dress & 90s Laura Ashley Wool Bow Mini

A classy dress from Farmers (the Original Myer I think) just needs an iron to bring it too life and a chic little wool mini dress from Laura Ashley perfect for Winter!

Prue Acton Silver Pleated Dress and 60s Bright Orange Plaid Coat

Adding to my Prue Acton collection this fun little 80s number which is bright silver with sequin shoulders but the stunning bright plaid wool coats is one of my top finds of the week!

Thanks again for stopping by and always LOVE your comments, and hopefully have some free time this week to check everyones finds, cant wait for a day off!
In the mean time check them out yourself at Sophies site and join in the fun!


  1. Aww your little bunny is so cute, and so is the story behind why you bought it!

  2. love the plaid jacket! It's a real winner.

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  3. Great Prue Acton coat. I still regret the time that I passed up the new vintage Prue Acton 60's dress at the Carboot. It still had its tag on and looked very Mary Quant. It was all of 20 bucks!...I must let that go otherwise it will eat me up alive. It has only been eight years.

  4. Loving the plaid coat, the colour is nough to warm you up all by itself. The Farmers dress may be from New Zealand as there is a clothing+ chain here called Farmers that's been going for about 100 years.