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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Posh AUSSIE Op Shopper!

Well this weekend have been picking up lot of Australian vintage including an amazing piece from Vivian Chan Shaw, a legendary knitwear designer in the 80s. First ever find of hers and its a beauty. Its a 2pc with amazing long cling maxi skirt and layered top to make a dress, however the pieces are so striking its great to wear as separates I love the skirt!

1980s Australiana: Vivian Chan Shaw Purple 2pc, Dickie Ney Kookaburra Jumper, A-HA Floral Strapless Dress

I love the cute little Kookaburra Jumper and a classic floral strapless party dress with boning in it!

1950s Rockabilly CHERRY Knit Cardigan

My favourite find of the week, I love this cardi! Covered in cable pattern and big bobble red cherries over front arms and neck. Just so cute!

Stunning 1950s EMERALD Velvet Party Dress

Love this dress too, really bright emerald green and its in mint condition (dirty mirror again not dress!) I love the shaping to the bust-very bullet style with pretty check pattern over skirt.

1980s/90s Vintage Silk PARIS Dress

This dress is just so well made and fit perfectly, have to look up brand later but is very well finished and just feels expensive, my theory is if you can afford to have a Paris address you cant really afford to make crap clothes.

Vintage 30s? Crocodile? Bakelite? Purse

I found this, and its in very good condition with what looks like crocodile leather and a bakelite clip, could be wrong about this-no bag expert, any ideas anyone? Would guess early 30s from art deco style clip.

50s? Rhinestone Metal Purse

Again no purse expert, but seen so many things like this, but this was different. Inside looks hand sewn silk, very good condition. No label but the whole bag is very heavy and you can tell there is layers of fabric between inner and outer, rhinestones look similar to 30s/40s buttons with a surround to each on, nice working clip too. only about 4 missing rhinestones overall, easy fix I think. Any ideas on age? It looks to be of pretty high quality but no labels or anything to help.

1970s Italian Leather Platform Heels

So so pleased with these! I cant believe I found some vintae heels in my size, and they are groovy 70s platforms!!! I love the square toe on the, make my feet look dinky from above, plus they go well with my every growing collection of hand knitted socks from mum!

Thanks for stopping by, and for all your nice comments, I really love reading them, thanks so much!

For more finds and to join in the flea market finds head to Sophies page!


  1. What wonderful finds.Love mums socks too

  2. Wow you got some amazinf bits - im with you on the cherry cardi - love that! The shoes are awesome and of course vintage bags are always a winner with me - i really need to go shopping with you! Scarlett x

  3. WOW what amazing finds!! OMG i LOVE the shoes!!

  4. oh that cherry cardi is the cutest, and your shoes are really cute too, well done!

  5. the shoes are wonderful, but for me it's the Chan Shaw die for! I used to work near her Royal Arcade (Sydney) shop, under the Hilton Hotel, back in the 1970s and used to gaze in amazement at her wonderful outfits in the window (way out of my price range in those days). Well done, a GREAT FIND.

  6. I am amazed that one can find 50's, 60's outfits in an Op Shop. That is something we NEVER see around here.

  7. heh, your shoes do go well with the socks although I'm not brave enough to rock that look! The bags are great - I just photographed a beaded one too - and the cherry cardigan is such a find! I have a similar strapless boned floral dress which I bought from Frock me last year, although mine is longer.