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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Restoration Project Part 3- Bleaching Silk

So I have had one busy day, I really wish some parents remembered that zoo keepers are there to look after animals not children but it was a crazy day with animals being squeezed, trampled, stolen, chased, poked with sticks and even smuggled in. Never had both of us had such a bad day at work! I however couldnt resist getting my photos sorted for my blog post to show you how I have been going with my dress!

So after rinsing yet again in another soak and white vinegar (also great for removing suds) I still saw so many stains, so I thought sod it I will commit the ultimate sin, using bleach on silk! I tested an area on the hem with a cotton bud and came up perfect.

My scientific brain told me if I worked super quick then gave it a rinse in a bath full of a silk protein based conditioner it would be okay. Guess what? Nearly perfect! I will re cotton bud the remaining stains and give it another go but hardly any markings left, and still soft and beautiful. It needs an iron but will save that till totally stain free. So there we go, myth busted, I bleached silk.

1930s Wedding Dress-Nearly Restored!

So I have a few more items I have fully restored-my 30s taffeta dress was badly marked but seemed like a natural dye I soaked it ( in wool mix for about 6 hours) and although lightened the colour it evened out all the marks...

30s Taffeta Dress & 60s Cheerleader Sweater

..and the sweater I used good old oxygen stain spray (home brand!) and works a treat on polyester and acrylics!

Next up some great skirts I found, the first one is the best handmade skirt! It is from the 60s and some bohemian lady had crafted out of different squares of fabrics-some look quite 40s and it fastens with a metal zip. Next is a very chic Austin Reed pure silk golfing skirt, with really nice pocket detail at sides, and lastly a fantastic 80s one with cartoon horses and button up bustle piece at the back-so unusual!

70s Young Edwardian Dress and Diane Freis 80s Dress

Next is a 70s dress by Young Edwardian (American Biba inspired) with velvet trimmed matching belt, and a gorgeous boho Diane Freis flutter sleeve dress, and a nice little mod stripy dress (below)-cheaper than a cheap coffee!

70s Caramel Candy Stripe Dress

Victor Costa 80s/90s Linen Crop Jacket

I just love the super bright colours in this, bought it for $2 in a crumpled mess but looks so nice all pressed!
Finally a cute little orange purse for 50 cents!

Check out everyones finds and play along over at Sophies and thanks for visiting and joining in the fun!


  1. The wedding dress is looking amazing now - you must be so pleased, and proof that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Fab cheerleader sweater - although I don't have the abs anymore!

  2. Wow on the dress - well done you its looking beautiful! I was told to have my wedding dress dry cleaned at a cost of over £100 so I put it in my washing machine in a duvet cover instead - came out sparkling :o) Goes to show you sometimes have to take a risk lol Scarlett x

  3. I love the golfing skirt and the Diane Freis dress!

    Great job on the wedding dress, I wouldn't have dared!

  4. The wedding dress is beautiful! Well done. x

  5. Wow - I haven't checked in here in a while. That wedding dress is gorgeous - SO similar to my Nana's. You find some pretty cool stuff.

  6. More great finds. The wedding dress looks great. You know...I treat silk pretty badly. I found a classic 70's Italian shirt (that my daughter subsequently stole from me!) and it was supposed to be dry clean only. I just pop it in the washing machine when it needs a clean and it is fine. My phone number is 66282322 or email me on if you are coming into Lismore...I would love to have a coffee with you. Cheers Nick