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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50s Fete & Cupcake Competition

Okay so this really happened about 2 weeks ago but been to busy to remember blogging about it, very slack I know. Anyway turns out that the little country 50s fete with cupcake competition at a little village hall has rather high standards when it comes to bashing out some sweet treats to raise money for the school playground. I have to admit here that this is probably the fanciest place in the area, hence Zumbo quality offerings, however I think my favourites- the little sushi cakes with chocolate dipping sauce (nice) - was probably the hard work of a Japanese Au Pair for sure, they are so detailed, rolled in sprinkles to look like sushi rice-WOW!

 So after the excitement of this it quickly turned into my worst nightmare. Competition means I cant go and buy them and eat them NOW. They should have seriously had a greater range of cupcakes to keep me satisfied as was trying to convince my partner to get the getaway car ready so could thieve some. This is my heaven, I could have happily eaten half the table So what other goodies...

 Just loved the little retro apple on this one, and the fact that has huge sugar decorations. I buy packets of those to eat like sweets, same with jars of caramel sauce and cookie dough- I probably shouldn't admit that.

 Well these are just so pretty! Nice pastel roses making you think of vintage tea shops. Why are not half of the Byron mothers starting up cake shops-or at least producing more regular bake sales with skills like these. You would have a good customer in me!

 Now this was unique, love that they used the little plant pots too. However bigger cakes people, I could have downed all 3 in one mouthful. Cakes on the right are very pretty and sparkley too.

 Now how about these for a sugar hit, lots of yummy looking frosting and a flake too-bonus, I think I might be giving these ones ago, look fancy but nice and simple for me. Now some VERY creative cupcakes....

....yes please, I would love a naked doll bathing in my cupcake! There is just something very uninviting about these ones, certainly went all out with the colour. Just the likely hood of finding a pube like hair wrapped around your marshmallow would be very high.

Well I certainly learned something that day. After being proud of my baking skills since I was tiny, mine are for pure enjoyment with no frills, and 'speed' is not a quality most people will care about in a cupcake unless your a student with the munchies looking to eat half a tray, but I'm looking forward to getting as creative as these guys. Shame I havn't got any children to blame it on if it cocks up.


  1. These are amazing!! Scarlett x

  2. Oh my God - sushi-ing Nemo!

    Lol and bleugh at dolly pube hair/marshmallow scenario!

    I am forever being strong armed into making cakes for PTA fund-raisers - some great ideas here!

  3. I just made boring cupcakes tonight for my daughters preschool cake stall tomorrow night at her school concert. Fundraising for sport equipment.

    These cupcakes have put mine to shame a hundred times over.

  4. Wow - what amazing cupcakes! Put my boring ones totally to shame too :) Erika Price Jewelry

  5. Those cupcakes are certainly 100% more amazing than any I have seen over here! But then ours are usually just made for children to buy/eat so the only requirement is bright icing and no hassle! I have never seen sushi cakes before but I LOVE them