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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Very old cape-with the best label!

New this morning-a very old-possibly victorian? wool cape...

Got this piece for $20, too be honest I am such a label girl, and this label did it for me-its just so interesting. So far I believe it too be a crest from the 'COPE'family that originated in Leicester but many family members went to America very early on in the colonisation. This piece originally came from an American estate sale. And the family crest with a C on it suggest it may belong too this family. Along with MF which I guess are the initials it may be able to be traced back to the acctual owner if the family hitory is researched and can better date this. Have no idea how old this is but sure it would be at least pre 1900 due to the label, exactly how much pre 1900 is what I am not so sure of.
Some very minor damage to the trim and a few tiny holes hidden by the pleats-overall in amazing condition!
Okay so got the pre 1900 bit wrong! Nicole Jenkins from Circa Vintage said it was Edwardian-meaning 1901-1910. Looking through the family records briefly although there are plenty of M's in the family, especially Mary but most of them do not show an initial. Apart from one which date wise would match: Minnie F. Cope from Tennessee, USA born in 1875. I just want to try and find out more- how often is it that you can trace something like this to an original owner!

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