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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday vintage finds...

Another weekend, another vintage hunt, and some more fun clothes! Working Sunday so had to make Saturday double productive...

Long German maxi dress, so well fitted and pretty-I cant part with this one!
Super structured 50s style dress, looks hand made, sure is vintage but hard to judge age!

An few groovy little dresses, the first one has a very nice shape to it but I l0ve the fisy silk wrap dress, I love dresses with pockets!

The grooviest mac ever! How great is the hood type thing!

Original 70/80s roseprint crop tie shirt and A Guy Laroche leopard print shirt in neon colours!
I think my new budget lighting system is working a treat!

Hope everyone else had fun this weekend and thanks so much for dropping by and left comments, its so great to hear back from you all!


  1. Maxi dress is a gorgeous fit, no wonder you dont want to part with that one, but the white dress is a stunner too!

  2. Think the orange is an 8o's number.
    :) Irene x

  3. First two dresses are simply gorgeous! You look great in blue maxi! ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Irene-The fabric of the orange one does look 80s, but I was wondering if it was made/adapted from an early pattern as home made?
    Thats very kind of you Jana, have a great week too!
    And Erica-Will have a rack of your favs on stand by to try on if you make it down this way!

  5. My goodness those are a cut above the usual op-shop fodder that I find1 Lovely!

  6. Ooooo stunning finds - you'd have to be the best dressed gal in town ;)

  7. Adorable!!! you are finding some truly fun stuff...i also love the one with pockets

  8. so many gorgeous finds. I think your orange dress may be 80s rather than 50s. it has the slightly unstructured with lots of gathers that was very popular back then.
    My Flea Market Find