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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful vintage store and budget lighting!

Today I went op shopping around Lismore and checked out the vintage shops in the arcade, there are about 5 down there however The Black Angel is the best of the best. Go in there armed with plenty of cash as not much under $100 but every piece is beautiful, iconic, well presented and because its not in a big city you can be ure you are still getting a good price for some very unique pieces from evening gowns to 60s swinwear and some fab hats. The place to visit if need something for a special occasion

My main reason for going to Lismore was to grab some budget lighting. Seeing as I cant afford $1000 for a proper set up, I looked on the internet and found these tripods for only $29.90! Although the light is pretty yellow they also sell replacement bulbs for a white light for 7.90, so $45.70 for one unit, $96.40 for 2 and will buy some car windscreen reflectors and a bracket to attach to the light pole and tada, will now be able to take photos at night without the horrible shadows I got in my last lot of pictures!
Saved myself $900 yay, granted I am sure the professional kit would be much better, but anything is better than nothing so good enough for now!

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