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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fab vintage from Sundays search!

Was feeling very movitated after getting back from work today, so photographed my clothes from yesterdays vintage mission quite a few things but have just taken pics of my favourites....
2 pretty vintage floral dresses and a crochet lace trim shawl!
I walked past this table and doubled back as this caught my eye! I picked him up and the lady said I could have him! My little mouse buddy to come along on my journeys, it was knitted by her granny, and I am going to take good care of him!

Crazy 80s George Gross leather dress, looks much better on! Also an old velvet jacket-lining needs heaps of repair but is a gorgeous gold colour, outside is in very good condition-sorry about the rubbish photo-long day at work....

Cute little jersey dress-love the miami inspired print, and a diamond patchwork and crochet 80s leather top.

2 pretty vintage dresses, blue floral silk one with matching belt, and a beautiful paisley and tan dress-side splits in the tan and a seperate little paisley fitted skirt underneath, cute bow on split and love the tailoring to this-both in mint condition.

Grungy oversized YSL silk blouse-I love this and wore it all day. Also found a cute silk polka dot blouse by Bill Blass.

Vintage cashmere cardi, saving this for my mum as she deserves only the best!
I got a few more things but I think these where my favourites! Pretty good day overall and came back with a big smile, maybe it was the awesome finds, maybe it was the 3 snowcones.....

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  1. Ohh, great finds! I love that little shawl/cardi, very cute!