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Saturday, October 2, 2010

This weekend there was a vintage fair on in Brunswick which I have been saving up for to treat myself, and everything was very well priced so got to treat myself lots, especially after I feel robbed this weekend of an hours sleep-stupid time changes.
First find which I spotted across the room is this beautiful 50s party dress. Fits like it was made for me in a very structured fabric that has a metallic ish stripes of green and amber going through it. Its so stunning in every way and flawless! I have wanted a dress like this for a while, and although I have other similar things, the colour, fabric, cut, fit, length are all perfect in this one so very happy!

Next up was this pretty little 40s? sea shell style print in a cotton or rayon. Stunning details at waist and love the fancy pockets! Cute little buttons too.

Next up, couldnt resist this irish linen dress. The buttons are just the best of all the dresses, really nice and thick-looks pretty old but unsure of age, maybe 40s?

I also picked up a really pretty little cream brown floral crepe rayon 40s dress but didnt want too overload this and photo didnt turn out to good on the hanger, but it is so pretty!
Today I went to my usual markets and here are my best findings:
Nothing special but a cute little 70s dress that I am quite fond of and have been wearing around today!
Pretty crazy-an original 60s crochet outfit. dress/topis fully lined so can be worn alone-out there but pretty iconic and fun!
Black just never shows up but this is such a cute little vintage crochet dress, you will have to trust me!

A rather silly Bo Peep inspired vintage rockabilly swing dress, and a super brightly coloured long dress by Diane Freis, I love the sheer blak pleating in the arms that moves with you!
...and finally to celebrate the month that reminds us all of Germans and Beer, one of my favourites from my collection,an original 1930s? drindl dress! The way they lined up the stripes on the bust darts is just beautiful and rare to find workmanship like that now!
You will have to wait till St Patricks Day for my 50s Irish burlesque costume! I am going to get back my hour in bed now, hope everyones had a good week, and cant wait to see everyones goodies on Sophies Page!


  1. That red dress is beeeeaauuutifil!!

  2. The 50s party dress is absolutely stunning - just gorgeous! And I really like the crocheted suit - I'd wear that!

  3. That 50s party dress is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen today! Also love the crocheted pieces and the Freis dress. I envy you your vintage fair! ;)

  4. Wow what great finds! I love the green linen dress that is beautiful. You certainly have an amazing collection!