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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Success in the rain...

So I had a pretty bad week-really ill and not eating at all, still working, and then have to take my husband to hospital due to a sore neck at midnight, possibly to avoid the first meal he had promised to cook me in 5 years, either way was not very impressed so have been in a pretty bad mood and hiding away at home from the non stop rain and people seeing my zombie like face. I thankfully had some help this week with my finds, with one good garage sale, the wonder of the internet to bring goodies straight to my door and a little help from my mum who got these first 2 fantastic bargains from Edina Ronay.
Both of these look unworn and jacket still has pockets stitched up. Mint condition! Rose silk dress is so pretty and perfectly finished with big fabric covered buttons running up the back of the dress and little puffy sleeves!
I think my mum out did me here for sure, she got these at such a good price and I love them so much I cant part with them!
Next up a very groovy 70s leopard and tiger print corset dress..
I love the old label and the top is so well structured with boning and poppers hidden between the buttons to keep it all in place!

Found this fun little summer dress and spotted the print a mile away-I think its so colourful and fun, little bit big for me but good for beach days.

My ebay purchase of the week-gorgeous Prue Acton silk acetate party dress!

..and last of all a very chic little number from bruce oldfield that I got last week but forgot to photo...

Thanks again everyone for dropping by and thanks for your kind messages. Again thanks to Sophie for her link page and as soon as I understand how to link her page in this blog I will do so!


  1. All of the dresses look to be a perfect fit for you!