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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have been a good girl guide...

Sometimes the smallest , most pointless things, that you dont ever know how youre even going to use them, bring you the most joy! These little finds today are just so cute but one I will treasure for life. I have a bag of 50s deisgner dress labels collected from an old dry cleaner, and going to use those along with tickets from my travels/passes from festivals/all the little flat bits of interesting stuff I have collected to make a big collage one day I think.
Cutest little 'Noritake' Melamine Wear (what ever that is!) plate and a little bag of 80s patches including some scout ones but the best one of all??? a badge for caring for the environment! HOORAY! Not only does it feature the cutest little wombat called Wattle but I feel its much more appropriate for me than the boring bit of paper I got to confirm my 4 years studying for a degree in Environmental Biology, universities please take note-we never grow out of patches to show our skills.

Next I just couldnt help buy these 2 cute little glass cups from holland as only 20 cents. A fun shopping trip with plenty of change left from my $5!


  1. Caring for the environment badge.. cool... where will you sew it to??

    Cups are really cool too, they remind me of childhood camping trips to France