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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday Markets-Something for everyone!

What a fantastic day-great finds at the markets. First of all 2 amazing 80s australian fashion books, and after flicking through them have proven to be a wealth of knowledge and elightened me on many items in my collection, my best find as I love a good book! That was the big spend of the day at $30 for the 2 books! Next up some escada flats, spice jars, 2 egg cup trays, some victorian glass/french mother of pearl buttons and some vintage snaps and hook and eyes for my dress repairs and a cute little sewing unpicker all for a few $$!

Next up, some AMAZING dresses, I got heaps of things and all for $10, I got a few silk shirts as am obsessed with them and a few other dresses not picture but these ones are my top picks, technically one of them was more but she gave me a discount for buying so many things so worked out the same!

STUNNING green and gold sequin 50s dress, great fit and the 1st of 3(!!!!) circle skirt dresses I found today!!!

Next up this pretty blue number with matching belt, the thing I love about dresses like this is the metal zips, something about a metal zip that just makes something feel of better quality!

Loose fitting original 60s/70s caftan-unfortunatly label has faded but can tell its a pretty old one, the print is just fantastic, vintage italian magazing print, so unique and comfy a perfect dress for when I am feeling a bit lazy.

And last but not least another 50s dress-print is fantatic but does not show well in picture-very atomic in cream, burgandy and forest green with pretty pleating in the top, buttons on one side and a full circle skirt. This one is being stored in my mums cupboard. She lives in the UK but is visiting me in January and has an entire wardrobe of my vintage finds to try on when she gets here! I also found this little pixie batwing t-shirt at a garage sale and just think its really cute!
Cant wait to see what everyone else has found at Sophies, so thanks to everyone who posts and happy hunting!


  1. Oh my goodness - those dresses are divine!

  2. You always find the most lovely clothes!

  3. Cute dresses, & isn't your little pixie great, looks a little like red riding hood with some funky and appropriately matching stockings.

  4. Love the blue dress, so pretty, and the caftan is just too cool. Where are these markets which deliver such delights? I love the spice set too!

  5. Well spotted. I just love old 50s dresses.

  6. You have a real eye for finding amazing stuff, especially the dresses! Always awesome! xx

  7. the canisters look attractive! and i like the shoes too (while not being too much of a shoelover). and the dresses.... speechless.

  8. Oooh everything looks fab! I love the spice canisters...and the dresses are just gorgeous! Such fabulous finds! I never find pretty frocks!
    Thanks for popping around to mine, I was in Australia last year for a few months and we would drive down the Gold Coast to Byron Bay on many a sunday - lovely place and the whales were amazing! x

  9. what a lucky mom you have !
    darling dress for her cupboard :)