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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunny days bring out garage sales...

It was super hot and sunny today, perfect day for te beach (hence the recent beach hair on my pics) and gets everyone out holding garage sales so on my little hunt found some fun items and the usual heap of clothes!
First up a cute little 70s heart shaped mesh metal bag, one of the few times I think its okay to keep an animal in a tiny cage, and some very cool glass schwepps soda disppensers. Not sure what they will be used for other than 'looking cool' but couldnt turn down these retro bargains!
Next was this little 80s floral dress, great print and made of such a nice cotton!
Out there little 80s number with all the bells and whistles, fringing, sequins, brocade trim. The 80s didnt do things by halfs did they.

Love this 70s floral gold lurex dress-so pretty, and a very groovy 60s/70s knit maxi dress in the most amazing psychedelic pattern, very pucci esque!

Some cute little 80s knits-wacky wool one from Hoi Poilloi by Jack with batwings and ruffles, and a hand knit cardigan from Peru with little doll pattern!

I love this dress, sucker for a bit of leopard, perfect Summer Holiday piece! Roll on the sunshine, shame I cant afford an real holiday!
Fab oversized 80s cotton rainbow PLAYSUIT with pockets! I really love playsuits and things with pockets, you can run for the bus with out showing your knickers, not that I ever catch buses, but I do run a lot as walking is waste of time on occasions.
Well that was my finds for the weekend, Sunday markets off the list as working but look forward how everyone else does!
Someone please tell me how to write someones name and turn it into a link-technology is beyond me and want to link Sophie as a thank you for her great blog and weekly flea marketing games :)
Its hard to choose, I love so many of the things I have found however one stands out.
My find of the year has to be this one, a mint 1940s labelled brocade dress!!! : (previous blog post)
I found it back in Feb from Vinnies for just $4. I think its my top find because its so rare to find clothing this old in opshops now.
Thanks so much for stopping by and check out my other post as every commenter/follower is being entered to win stuff for Christmas!


  1. I would love to go shopping with you!!! The 60s/70s knit maxi dress is an absolute stunner, I really, really love that print! 70s heart shaped mesh metal bag also makes me nostalgic, I am sure I had one of those, but maybe in the 80s?

  2. also just sent u an email about html coding for the link..

  3. I love the pucci style one too - excellent find!

  4. I think I had a dress like the 80's one with the fringing! Who can blame me - it WAS the 80's. I also owned white court shoes. Enough confessions from me - love the pucci esque dress - whhat an amazing print. And you are so right there never seems to be old dresses in the op shops now - guess they are all in the "vintage" stores now!

  5. WOW jackpot finds up there lucky you ;) You know where the photo symbol is when you add one to your blog post? Well right next to that is a symbol saying LINK. Just click on that and add the URL.
    If I'm bamboozling you Blogger have an easy tutorial on their site.
    Loving your finds. xo.

  6. I don't spend hardly enough time shopping for clothes - too busy searching for items to decorate the house. If my clothing no.s looked as good on me as they do on you, then I'd be shopping for more! Great finds...

  7. so fun to see these now having lived thru all those in their day :) you look great in them! have FuN wearing - especially loving the psychedelic style & colours...