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Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing Afro Poodle...

I got a few nice bits of clothing today, but spent most of the clothing budget on my 2 dresses in the last post! Today I went to a few garage sales, one of which was a vintage collector of many years who was heading south and selling up. They had some seriously amazing things, like 70s bamboo bar table and stools, and heaps of stunning furniture, all out of my price range but I picked up a few tiny little pieces that where bargains.
First one I spotted across the room and fell in love. This amazing big neon pink fur straw stuffed poodle has lost his tale, has a really old looking japanese label, and the best face ever! It is so silly but I just love it and have been instructed to adorn him with some gourdy jewellery, which I promise to do.
Next up I couldnt walk away without grabbing these stunning bakelite (?) buttons with floral designs. I love the old plastic, its so shiny and looks like sweets!
At another garage sale got this fun little Diane Freis shirt.
Last but not least this gorgeous little 1940s hat with rabbit fur pom poms. It has a strap to hold it onto your head and a big veil thingy down the back (sorry I am sure there is a more technical name than thingy) looks so chic but very eccentric, and is on my list of things to wear to Paris next year.
Hope you all had fun this week, tomorrow will be posting pictures of my old (possibly edwardian) dress I am going to destroy as going to be a zombie bride for the kids halloween party at work tomorrow. Zoo keeping in a full length layered gown will be interesting, dont worry it is all ready very ripped and beyond repair so might as well use it how its ment to be used-cant be too precious about these things, besides-poo washes out much easier than all the age stains I got out of it before! Its probably going to be a very hot day-I think I am mad, back up pirate costume at the ready.
Check out Sophies to see who won the flea market find of the year and voting closes at midnight tonight!

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  1. Cute Diane Freis top! :)