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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Piece of British History!

It was very nice t get home from work and find a big parcel wrapped in brown paper waiting for me. I have been after a bowler hat for a while, and although this one is PERFECT if I wear it for more than about 12 seconds I may pass out, bummer. However still love the whole box and address of the owner- one day I will find the perfect person for it and will make a great gift.

I love the box with the address of the owner! It reminds me of when we where doing up a house we lived in and found a really old postcard to advertise a local chemist addressed to the house we lived in! It must have fallen behind the skirting board when fixed on so when it was replaced it was sat there in perfect condition! I am sure I still have it somewhere back at home, but that was one of my best finds ever!

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