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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A 40s top for $3.50!

I was never a fan of the cold back home, but the less you have of it, the more I miss it. There is something so nice about being rugged up big coats and scarfs. Taking a walk round a chilly park and watching your breath condense and getting rosy cheeks. Unfortunately the endless heat and humidity gave me rosy cheeks for a different reason and after getting re hydrated via drip at the hospital this morning from a dose of heat stroke I was not up to ironing this weeks finds (and I had a great shopping week) so will have to do with some of my favourites from last week and a few pieces from my collection, however it does include one of my oldest finds!
Lame Leaf FROU FROU Party Dress

Well this is my first 'refashioned' vintage piece. Not usually a fan of this, I would only undertake refashioning a garment if its badly damaged or just so ugly the no one would/should wear it as is and if that the case-it must be home made. I found this piece stupidly cheap on ebay and had been bought at a vintage store in New York. The top was just so unusual with a really textured lame leaf fabric but the skirt was seriously ugly. I chopped it in half, binded the hem and attached by hanging threads. I think its such a pretty piece now and very pleased with it.

50s Floral Embroidered RAYON 2pc Dress

Next this little 2pc outfit made in rayon and covered in floral embroidery. It had repairs done in black thread which I re repaired with a matching one and darned up 2 little holes and after a good soak it looks so bright and new! I love bring things back to life which I am part way through doing with this piece....

40s Embroidered Bow Collar Jacket

Found this in a charity shop, for $3.50!!!!!!!! However in order to score something this special-you know some ****wit had their hands on it first. The one who previously owned this beautiful little jacket had decided it would look much better with big plastic yellow zips shoved crudely into the sides-I really would like to meet them to ask what the hell they thought they where doing. I removed said ugly zips and stitched up the holes neatly and at double the price of the jacket, I have some matching original 1940s buttons on their way to me which I will embroider to match (4 are missing). The shape of this is so pretty, delicate shaping around the shoulders and the beautiful collar. Just to show how old treasures can still be found for bargain prices-just look past plastic zips!

RAZOOKS 80s Huge ROSE Button Silk Dress

This is one of my favourite pieces in my collection-A stunning and very dramatic dress from Razooks-a very high end dress maker in New York (now closed) This piece is made of thick and luscious ribbed silk with heavy hem to give it a very couture look . The buttons are huge-over 1.5" and with a perfectly fitted bodice. It is just so simple, but 'out there' at the same time. Its thick long sleeved dresses like this which just make me crave winter to come back!

Hope you have been having a great week and thank you to everyone for popping by!

For more great flea market finds visit (and even add yours) to Sophies page!


  1. WoW!
    Magnificent finds and fixer upping!!!

  2. Ooh, someone who likes vintage clothes! I just found you through Sophie's Flea Market Finds. I got a 70s dress the other day which I can't wait to wear in the summer - I love your 40s jacket, what a bargain (despite zips)

  3. Ok, love that black dress. It's really cool.

  4. Some fabulous outfits, that Razooks dress is my favourite.

    Thanks for the offer of the zip, I'll check my stash first, if I'm unlucky, I'll definitely contact you.


  5. Oh poor thing. Looking on the bright side...the hospital would have been airconditioned, you would have got a rest and they are great people at Byron Hospital.
    Great Razooks dress. I think I have said this before...if you are getting any of this stuff locally, you must certainly have a gift...I am buggered if I can find anything of worth.

  6. Thanks for that, I was not on deaths door, but a diabetic so need to be responsible and sort it out before it gets bad-pretty onto the medical stuff. Felt a million dollars after the drips!

  7. hello! great blog! are these clothes for sale? thank you, have a great day!