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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to blogging!

Well this is the first time I have even logged on to my blog in the past 2 weeks! Been having way too much fun with my mum and working very hard to get heaps or loverly items ready for my store. Have found so many goodies since last time, I have to get my head around which is which. Many have found their way home with my mum who was 5kg over in her luggage allowance - mainly vintage! I am also the proud owner of not 1 but 2 Ossie Clark dresses which will be photographed soon, a Lee Bender dress and lots of new pieces from the 40s/50s and have now got a flashy new slr camera to use, still getting used to it but its so much better than my little tiny camera so over the moon!
Anyway-coming to ebay soon here are my top picks:

Lots of Vintage LABELS
From top left to right:
1. Mint 'Sherwood' floral dress with sharps pleats, metal zip and matching belt.
2. Ruffle 'Adrienne Boutique Hotel Adelaide' polka dot ribbon dress.
3. Cotton 'Coquette' Irish tea towel print dress with metal zip.
4. Apricot 'Teena Paige' Daisy circle skirt dress with metal zip.

Gorgeous Ditsy Vintage FLORALS
From top left to right:
1. 60s Woodstock floral muslin cotton dress with long balloon sleeves.
2. 70s 'ZORA' retro floral puff sleeve dress-smocking in mint condition.
3. 50s Nautical sailor collar novelty blue rose print dress with metal zip.
4. 50s Sunflower daisy circle skirt dress with metal zip and ruched sleeves.

Something Old & BLUE
From top left to right:
1. 50s 'Dan Keller' Gingham print button dress with peter pan collar.
2. 50s 60s Blue leopard novelty print dress with matching belt and metal zip.
3. 50s Cotton Aztec blue novelty print dress with metal zip.
4. 50s 60s Slate blue lace collar long sleeve dress with metal zip.

Floral 80s PLAYSUITS
From top left to right:
1. 80s White twin playsuit in antique rose print.
2. 80s Black twin playsuit in black antique rose print.
3. 80s Floral sun dress with hidden shorts.
4. 80s Jumpsuit with flowers and fruits.

Chic Vintage PARTY Dresses
From top left to right:
1. 50s Metallic pewter bow dress with metal zip.
2. 60s 'Alice of California' pearl collar mod shift dress with metal zip (and label).
3. 70s 80s 'Mr. K' Marilyn scarlet red bombshell dress.
4. 80s Apricot 'Covers' fully beaded shift dress with matching scarf-all silk.

50s Dresses and MAXIS

From top left to right:
1. Apricot 'Shirtwaist' embroidered rose long sleeve button dress with matching belt.
2. 50s 'Milady' mermaid fitted maxi with metal zip.
3. 60s Prairie floral lace bib maxi dress with metal zip.
4. 70s 80s Victorian Style Burgundy lace collar maxi with huge dramatic skirt.

phew... and that just a small amount of what I have ready! Planning a return to the UK so need some funding money for my trip so its all work and no play for the next few months!
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and looking forward to catching up on everyones finds I have missed :)


  1. Next time I'm up Byron way, I'm taking you shopping with me! You know how to pick a winner!

  2. Oh my goodness so many beautiful dresses! It is overwhelming!

  3. welcome back! Ive missed checking out your amazing finds. The fabric print of the 80's jumpsuit is terrific!

  4. Love love love some of these! Especially the yellow 60s dress with balloon sleeves and the 50's sunflower one. Oh, and the 80s hidden shorts floral. Seem to be drawn to yellow, but not actually sure it suits me, am probably too pale...hmmm. You look great in them though.