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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Pot of GOLD for Vintage Dress Collectors..

I hit upon a pot of gold today-hidden in a box well under under a rail of clothes in the back of an op shop-heaps of vintage new metal YKK zippers in their packets. 111 to be exact, and at total bargain at only 0.10 cents each.

There are so many colours! Sizes from 20cm-60cm these are going to be perfect for fixing up my broken zippers on old dresses as never been able to replace a metal zipper with a plastic one. Some have the metal painted too which is a nice touch!

All bundled together-why do I have hundreds of elastic bands everywhere until I need them and have to resort to hair bands as not a single elastic band in sight?
20cm zippers
25 cm zippers
30cm zippers (left) 40cm zippers (right)
35cm zippers
46cm zippers (left) and 56 cm zippers-just pink
50cm zippers -3 colours and 60cm zippers-only 2 colours

If anyone has just spotted the perfect zip to repair your beloved vintage dress then just get in touch :)

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO- This is just what blogs are for, my partner just gave me a weird look-boys don't understand- despite my comparison with vintage car parts.

1 comment:

  1. he he ... too funny...
    i have a soft spot for the number 111, pops up every so often in my life... like real often...
    lovely find though!!! well done.