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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas came early..and its retrotastic!

Hooray for a fantastic (but pretty darn hot) Saturday!
Christmas has certainly come early for me, I was driving by a yard sale this morning when this fabric jumped out at me in a pile of Supre style clothing dumped on a tarp on the floor. To the untrained eye it might look quite at home and you may expect to find a mink pink label hidden in the collar....Nope! Although is covered with a fair bit of damage on the bottom hem, with some time and effort it is all fixable and repairs will be well hidden in the detailed colourful print. As I was looking at it the lady said-oh thats my mums dress she wore in the 60s. Well she might have had it in the 60s, but this beauty screams 40s, maybe even 30s. The fabric is amazing, with that heaviness and drape but so fine, very crepe like. Poppers fasten up the side, no zips, stunning fishtail cut in the back and look at the smocking on the shoulders!!!! For $5 my face still hurts from smiling!
Its going to take some fiddly work but its worth it, it looks more like 'caught in a washing machine' damage rather than being terribly weak-construction and fabric all seem in great condition!
Next up (I am having such a good day!) a $4 blue rose 50s dress with original metal zip and big sailor collar-again some repairs (well re repairs as machine zig zag stitches on the front is not acceptable to me-I always repair by hand!) but fabric is in good clean condition and a beautiful fit-project for tonight! The little red dress was the most expensive find of the day at $15 but is just so cute, and anything with a vintage London label I just cant say no!
I just love this skirt, really cool label with daisies on it too! I like the face on the little crane bird on the far right. Not bad at $7 as the print was so beautiful!
Next up, again this fabric is just the best-original retro shorts-might be mens pants but I dont care-these will be my beach shorts for the Summer. $2-deal.
Even though I am not sure where this is going to go, it was $10, and love everything about it-colours, shape, print on lino. Okay not the most classy of chairs but I dont even have my own house to put it in so all about the fun retro stuff, and cant complain at that price, with a little clean up would look much smarter too!
Finally, this made my mum laugh, being a vintage collector when I said I found the best camel bag for $2 she probably expected something a little....different? Well you have to be silly sometimes, you cant take life too seriously and this 'Camel bag' with zip open, flip back hump is what I will use when I need reminding of that.

This is the first long thing I have written since loosing my 'A' key on my computer-you really don't know what you have till its gone. Hope everyone had a fun week and check back tomorrow for the winner of my vintage prize draw! One more day left to enter so post your comments to win!


  1. Great finds, love it when you get a laugh too! I get exactly what you mean about that A key, what an "A" that is ;))

  2. would love to know where you get all these things!