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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cinderella shoes for the ball!

Its been one of those weeks, I think the stress of Christmas is making everyone a little on edge and once again a case of Chinese whispers gone bonkers has made my working life a little stressful. Some women can be really mean, and I fell a little like the lamb being taken to slaughter because I tend to speak up, I probably need to learn to shut my mouth on occasion but thats easier said than done. However after having such a great morning on my vintage hunt it was hard to drag me down to the school girl level so have given up reasoning with the unreasonable and decided to rise above it all as around here karma seems to win over. So just looked forward to getting home and having a good look at my finds from the morning.

Although these will never fit my big feet, they are just a piece of art! 1950s Cinderella shoes-looks like they where actually nicked from Cinderella herself and just look so pretty and girlie! Maybe I will go to the ball this year (although not currently aware of there being one) but maybe will go bare foot and just carry these around instead.
Next up found a heap of gems-firstly a long blue 50s dress, and a patterned 50s dress both with metal zippers! I also loved this lacy pink number with huge sleeves. One of the best vintage stores I have been to had a garage sale so had lots of goodies. The guy that runs the store tends to end up with all the awesome mens shirts that my partner turns down and he appreciates them more anyway. I am always so amazed with his stock, its in Mullumbimby down an ally from the main street, called Retropolis although its small, its packed with colourful, eccentric, interesting things and a must to visit if in the area.
My next find was from a cult British designer-who dressed Kylie! I always love being able to get good info on the labels I find, you get to learn something new each time, its just such a shame there is so little information on the Australian fashion labels.
Next this is the cutest vintage jumper covered in terry toweling seagulls! Ticks all the boxes when I want to look a bit nautical!
This is one of those really cool maxi dresses,that would be actually wearable if made it into a shorter dress. I am thinking of getting the bottom half and gathering it into a second layer. I don't usually like altering vintage, especially with labels but the silver fabric is just so amazing and think it will really look nice as a mini. If I do alter stuff I try and do it well and use blind hems etc to try and do the clothes justice.
Next something I have wanted for long time-some 60s knitted short shorts! In black too-such a bonus!
and more terry cloth fun with this little 80s top with cute pink buttons.
Well now I can be a little bit at easy as not many work days left till my mum gets here! Its so much more exciting than my Christmas and birthday combined and am counting down the days. Although she has still sent me a few boxes of goodies so excited to see whats in there!

Got all my auction items all ready to go for Jan so can have a few weeks off which is the first time in a year I have done that! Ready to start fresh with new strong garment rails and spirit to match-roll on 2011.


  1. a pam hogg, your lucky moment! and i couldn't agree more on the shoes!!! you could indeed wear them round your neck, for jewellery? ;) they are to die for and i may not have been able to resist neither...
    you've had some finds...
    good luck with the holidays too, huh?

  2. again ... so many cool items!

  3. Wow -- those shoes, especially -- !!

  4. The colours of that little top with the pink buttons is so sweet...reminds me of retro 50s milkshake glasses :)

    - Krystal xo